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The rumored update to Maps in iOS 6 will apparently be so cool that it will cause you to spontaneously burst into flames. Elsewhere, Foxconn’s CEO has never met a can of beans he couldn’t spill, and Apple and Samsung’s squabbling continues apace. The remainders for Friday, May 11, 2012 are on the cutting edg—ow!

iOS 6: Apple drops Google Maps, debuts in-house ‘Maps’ with incredible 3D mode (9to5Mac)

So far Apple seems to have managed to avoid the trend towards 3D, but if this report pans out, we may be seeing 3D maps in iOS 6, thanks to Apple’s acquisition of several map technology companies over the past few years. My exclusive sources assure me that you’ll find the new Maps app…iPopping™.

Foxconn plans renewed shift into distribution (China Daily)

Speaking of future products, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou reportedly said that the company’s factories are gearing up to produce the Apple TV later this year. He also said that he had once considered becoming a professional stand-up comic, but determined he wasn’t funny, and admitted that earlier that day, he had accidentally ingested Apple’s patent-pending truth serum.

iCloud “Beta” Website Briefly Shows Reminders, Notes Web Apps (MacStories)

Along with iOS 6, Maps, and the Apple TV, seems like iCloud will likely be getting a few updates this year. An error caused a beta version of iCloud’s site to briefly go public, where a few eagle-eyed users snapped shots of what appear to be Web-based versions of the Notes and Reminders apps. Apple originally also developed a Web-based version of Safari, but quickly determined it would cause reality to fold in upon itself.

Apple accuses Samsung of purposefully destroying evidence (NetworkWorld)

Apple has filed a motion in a California court accusing Samsung of “spoilation of evidence”—i.e., of destroying documents relevant to the case. Samsung, in return, has accused Apple of drinking directly out of the milk carton when it knows how much Samsung hates that.

Apple’s redesigned One to One website (Gallery) (9to5Mac)

Apple is apparently in the process of redesigning the site for its One to One training program, making it easier to view tutorials, create quick links to specific content, and making it accessible via Voice Over. More like Two to One, amirite?

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