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Congratulations, Apple! People like you! They really like you!

Wired’s Alexandra Chang says “It’s Official: Cellphone Owners Love Apple Hardware”

Wait, how was this not official before? How many surveys have to be conducted before people will accept this as fact? 87 years worth?

The survey says cellphone users are most satisfied with Apple’s line of iPhones, and least satisfied with Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry smartphones.

Surprise! RIM, you may recall, is the company that wants iPhone users to “Wake Up” and get a BlackBerry Bold.

Why should they wake up when they already have a phone they think is a dream?

Get it? Because if they’re asleep, yeah, OK, you got it.

Well, whatever. Keep lighting your money on fire, RIM! It’s still funny!

While RIM is still in the doldrums, there was good news for Nokia, even as it starts selling its Windows Phone 7 Works For Sure For Workgroups Enterprise Edition-powered phones.

Despite Nokia’s recent pitfalls and falling share prices, the company’s customer satisfaction rating of 75 points is actually two points higher than its 2011 ranking.

Which is still 8 points lower than the iPhone’s rating, but what are you gonna do? Make good hardware and software? Probably better to throw money at carriers to try to get them to push your phones. That’s the ticket.

Wait, where is Samsung in all of this?

It’s surprising that Nokia ranked above Samsung, which had the second-lowest score at 71 points, given the latter company’s success with its Galaxy smartphone line.

Interesting. So, while you can sell a decent number of phones by having 387 different kinds with 6586 different features that you load into a t-shirt cannon and fire at consumers, it doesn’t mean they’ll love you for it.

Wrap it up for us, Alexandra.

In other words, people are loving their iPhones, hating their Blackberries, and having a generally mediocre relationship with their wireless carriers.

No offense, but the Macalope could have told you that without looking at a survey.

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