Weekly Wrap: Hotkeygate, iOS 6, and a slew of reviews

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Once a week, we catch you up on Macworld’s biggest stories from the past week, in case you missed them. Because that’s what friends do for each other. This week, we ruminated on the futures of iOS and OS X, covered Hotkeysgate, and—as ever—offered a slew of reviews. A review slew, if you will. Let’s dive in:

The future soon

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference takes place next month, and that can only mean one thing: A lot of developers are about to nurse week-long hangovers. Oh, and it also means that we may get our first look at iOS 6 pretty soon. We looked into our liquid crystal display ball and imagined what iOS 6 might mean for the Maps app, and we also shared some of our biggest wishes for what else iOS 6 might include.

Elsewhere, we shared some thoughts on why Apple is making OS X more like iOS. Somehow, though, we missed the easiest explanation of all: Because.


We review so much stuff here at Macworld that it can get hard to keep up.

On the Mac side, we reviewed the OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD 480GB Flash Drive, which essentially we found as good as its name is long. Promising prospect EdgeCase can help you cure the cursor curse when you use a multi-monitor setup.

We also looked at InDesign CS6—and even podcasted about reviewing the Creative Suite. Due 1.0 is a nifty, iOS-syncing todo list manager for the Mac. PDF Studio Pro, on the other hand, we liked less.

On the hardware side, we reviewed water-resistant speakers, iPhone cases both good and not so good, a pen/stylus hybrid for the iPad (and also paper), and a laptop bag.

And if you’re looking for iOS app reviews, we’ve got you covered well enough to interfere with your cell phone reception. As ever, we offered our weekly iOS app wrap-up, along with analyses of numerous apps, including:

  • ChannelCaster Personalized News Mashup—a fine example of an app named by committee;
  • Viddy—a video sharing app we liked more than an itty-bitty;
  • TransFire XP—a translation app that might inspire you to learn how to say “truly awful” in other languages; and
  • Cubemen—a tower defense game that doesn’t require you own a G4 Cube

Free advice, worth the price

If you still run Leopard, make sure you run Software Update. If you still want access to your MobileMe mail after the June 30 shutdown date for that service, we can help you with that.

If, instead, you’re angry because your Mac won’t let you empty your darned trash can, we’ve got the solution for that one. Our video tutorial can show you how to set up parental controls on your Mac—or maybe your kids can teach you.

We also offered some tips on automatically zooming Safari pages, organizing videos in iTunes, syncing devices with iTunes, and printing with AirPrint on iOS.

And finally…

Fear not; apps that rely on global hotkey shortcuts will remain welcome in the Mac App Store, despite what you may have read elsewhere. But one app that’s reached the end of its life is Perian, which has ended development.

We hope you feel caught up now. And don’t worry if you get behind again next week—because we’ll back next Saturday to catch you up all over again.

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