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The Mac Gems blog is all about reviews of great, inexpensive software, but I occasionally highlight a good deal on Gems, as well. Today is one of those times, as I’ve got a couple notable promotions to cover.

First, the time-sensitive one: Over at $2 Tuesday, you can get two past Mac Gems and a future Gem (though you didn’t hear that from me) for the paltry sum of $2 each:

  • Dropzone makes it easy to move, upload, or share files using a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

  • Compartments ( ; 2010 review) is a nifty home-inventory app that makes it easy to catalog your belongings, as well as to track product warranties.

  • Socialite ( ; 2010 review) lets you follow your favorite people and sites on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Google Reader, and RSS—all from within a single app. Socialite also makes it easy to share the stuff you find.

Second, for the next month, the current bundle from the folks over at The Mac Bundles consists entirely of previous Mac Gems. For $40, you get these ten apps:

  • Bevy ( ; 2009 review) is similar to LaunchPad, but it debuted years before Lion. And it betters LaunchPad by letting you more easily organize items and by making them easier to find.

  • CaliBrate ( ; 2008 review) lets you batch-modify events in iCal-hosted calendars.

  • CallitADay ( ; 2010 review) is a handy app for keeping a daily journal, including images and video.

  • CuteClips ( ; 2009 review) is an easy-to-use multiple-Clipboard utility.

  • CleanText ( ; 2012 review) is a one-click tool for cleaning up messy text.

  • DiskTracker ( ; 2003 review) is a disk-cataloging utility for keeping track of where your files are, even if they’re located on unmounted and removable drives and discs.

  • FolderGlance ( ; 2009 review) displays a hierarchical menu of any folder’s contents by right-clicking (Control-clicking) on that folder.

  • FX Photo Studio ( ; 2011 review) is a photo-effects editor for applying filters and basic edits to your images.

  • Smart Utility ( ; 2009 review) monitors the SMART status of internal hard drives and warns you of hardware problems.

  • TopXNotes ( ; 2008 review) is a note-taking app that offers a useful feature for adding notes no matter which application you’re currently using.

If any of these apps appeal to you, now’s a great time to get them at a steep discount.

[Dan Frakes (@danfrakes) is a senior editor at Macworld.]

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