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The Flygrip makes one-handed iPhone navigation even easier

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  • Flygrip (for iPhone 4/4S)

Many iPhone users out there can’t quite get the hang of multitasking with one hand. Their one-handed grip might not be secure enough, or reaching all corners of the touchscreen might be cumbersome. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to make this a little bit easier? Enter the $30 Flygrip, an efficiently designed grip that is affixed to your case—or directly to your naked iPhone— that lets you hold your iPhone in a much more comfortable, secure manner. As a result, by freeing up your grip, you will gain range of motion and increase performance.

The Flygrip itself is a plastic piece that sits on to the back of your iPhone. Place your fingers through the slits on the Flygrip to comfortably hold your iPhone. The Flygrip can be attached to another case or a naked phone, but use caution—it stays in place with self-adhesive glue. The manufacturer suggests that the surface be smooth and made of a hard plastic or aluminum (or glass, as is the iPhone), but it can work with some soft-shell TPU cases if a special primer is used first.

In addition to providing iPhone users a one-handed solution to multi-tasking, the Flygrip doubles as a kickstand that can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation. Simply snap the spring-loaded finger grip into a slot on the top portion of the Flygrip to use the kickstand.

When you order the Flygrip, it ships with a complimentary soft-shell case, and you can opt to have the Flygrip pre-attached to this case. The case is actually pretty well made. I would buy the case by itself—I liked it that much. The case is made of a rubber material that feels nice to the touch and is easy to grip.

When installed, the case covers the whole back surface, except for the screen, Home button, Front camera, earpiece and proximity sensor. There is a slot in the side of the case that exposes the volume buttons and Ring/Silent switch. The bottom of the case is completely open, and the top of the case has an opening for the headphone jack and the Sleep/Wake button. The back of the case has the typical oval opening for the rear camera and LED flash, and the case did not interfere with the camera’s functionality.

The Flygrip is available in seven different colors and three different sizes to accommodate various hand sizes.

[Rob Renk is a displaced Chicago Bears fan currently living near Orlando. When not obsessing about everything Apple, he can usually be found out on a boat monitoring Florida’s natural resources. Follow him on Twitter @Renkman]

At a Glance
  • Flygrip (for iPhone 4/4S)

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