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During last quarter’s conference call with Wall Street analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook mocked in-between devices calling them “toaster-fridges.” Now CNet’s Brooke Crothers is here to take back the nightlight-fridge!

I like the idea of an ultrabook with a touchscreen. I mean, why not offer a product with that option? It’s silly not to.

Hear-hear! Dump a whole bunch of research and development on a device there isn’t an audience for! It would be silly not to!

OK, maybe Apple is wrong and people really do want to hold their arms straight out at their laptop screens like zombies all day until they are so fatigued that eating brains actually starts to sound like a good idea. But there’s also the chance that the market of such gluttons for punishment or people who want Decepticon devices is actually pretty small. So small as to not be worth chasing.

Now, maybe it makes sense for a Windows OEM that thrives off picking up the table scraps of the technology market, but it doesn’t make sense for Apple which hits the high points.

Crothers admits making a decent device might be no small feat, but says he likes Windows 8 on his Samsung Series 7 Slate and finds it “the fastest, smoothest experience I’ve had on a tablet yet,” including the iPad. Of course, the Samsung Series 7 Slate sells for $1,299, so it's not exactly an equal comparison.

Windows 8 looks like it might be very nice on a tablet even to this mythical beast whose head is shaped like a classic Mac. The question is whether it’ll make a more compelling case than the iPad. Because just catching up at this point isn’t enough, particularly if your hardware costs $800 more than the competition’s.

And I also like the fact that I can jump from Metro to the more traditional Windows desktop. (Note: Some reviewers may gripe about this, but it’s really very easy to get to the traditional Windows desktop or navigate around Metro in general.)

It is easy! It’s completely confusing and is probably going to keep Windows 8 tablets from being successful, but it’s easy!

All in all, I’m looking forward to Windows 8 touchscreen-equipped ultrabooks, tweeners, and whatever other design innovation the new operating system engenders.

So is the Macalope! Many of them are going to be ♪ hys-ter-i-cal ♫!

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