iPad digital art contest winners

We sorted through more than 100 entries and picked our top three favorite pieces of art, and our Macworld Facebook friends voted for our five runner-ups. Here are the winners of our iPad digital art contest, sponsored by Scosche.


Macworld received more than 100 submissions after putting the call out for digital art created on the iPad. We saw cartoons, rough sketches, watercolors, oil paintings, and all sorts of creative pieces of art. After our team of judges (three Macworld editors) chose the top three winners, we let our Facebook fans vote for the five runner-ups. All eight winners won some cool prizes from Scosche.

And now… the winners!

First Place: Dan Hoffman

Title: “Treasure Trove”

App used: Procreate

Additional tools: Pogo Sketch Pro stylus

Our first place winner created this on an iPad 2. “I wanted to capture a certain magical quality possessed by toys and other everyday items. I imagine this as the secret treasure trove a child might gather together, gazing enchanted at the wondrous qualities of these cheap trinkets, mechanical gizmos, and found natural objects.”

Second Place: Joe Lozoya

Title: “Untitled”

App used: Sketchbook Pro

Additional tools: Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad

This watermelon sketch took a mere 45 minutes to paint, according to the artist.

Third Place: Jim Hough

Title: “Clients are a curious bunch”

App used: Procreate

Additional tools: Spigen SGP Kuel H12 stylus

“During boring meetings, quiet moments, and a couple of lunch hours, I started sketching this out. It has served as a stress reliever, and yes—each devilish character represents someone in the ‘real’ world—but my lips are sealed.”

Runner-Up: Dennis Huff

Title: “Oliver Twist”

App used: Sketch Club

Additional tools: Pogo Sketch stylus

Oliver Twist was a strong contender in our Facebook voting process. One Facebook commenter said: “This is wonderful! The feeling that lives in this youth’s face is full of expression and need! The artist has wrapped us in this tale—hook, line, and heart.”

Runner-Up: Pedro Werner

Title: “Rubina”

App used: Paper

Additional tools: None

“I made this when I was in Rio de Janeiro lying at Copacabana and a couple of Araras (those red parrots) were flying around.”

Runner-Up: Peter Vien

Title: “Coco”

App used: Procreate

Additional tools: Adonit Jot Pro stylus, Just Mobile AluPen

Members of Team Coco enthusiastically voted for this piece and pushed it into the winners’ circle. Says the artist: “The iPad has changed the way I create art. I love how there is no cleanup when using the iPad, and I can’t believe the quality of apps that have come out for artists.”

Runner-Up: Mia Robinson

Title: “Self in Back Room (2011)”

App used: ArtRage

Additional tools: None

“This piece is a self portrait. It was my first full-figured one, drawn from a photograph I’d taken exclusively for the effort. As you probably noticed in this piece, I am a messy, uncoordinated painter—or I have most fun painting without the pressure of precision.”

Runner-Up: Sumit Vishwakarma

Title: “Spider-Man”

App used: Procreate

Additional tools: None

“I love creating characters—cartoons, superheros, cars, etc.—during my workshops. Kids just love them. Once, a kid asked me if I can create a Spiderman. Well, out of all superheroes, this one is very tricky, and has minute details—I took it as a challenge and created this by looking at a movie poster.”

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