Navigon upgrades apps for summer travel

Navigon apps help guide users to their destinations.
With an eye on the burgeoning summer travel season, Navigon on Tuesday updated its road-navigation apps with new features to help travelers reach their destinations and keep close tabs on their driving habits.

Version 2.1 of Navigon’s family of navigation apps for iPhone and iPad launched Tuesday morning. The update includes a new Google Street View function—familiar to users of Google Maps—so that users can see what a neighborhood and destination look like before they arrive. The goal? You won’t accidentally shoot past your destination because you failed to recognize it.

The updated app also features a “manual route blocking” feature, allowing users to more easily plot detour routes on their trip by manually tracing a path around streets and roads along the way are currently closed.

Finally, there’s a new in-app purchase option: Spend $6 and you can enable Navigon’s new cockpit function, which tracks the speed, g-forces, and other data that a vehicle experiences during the user’s journey—offering users a snapshot of their driving habits.

The upgrades apply to the $30 Navigon USA and $40 Navigon North America apps, as well as other regionally focused apps provided by the company. The apps are compatible with devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

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