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Now, correct the Macalope if he’s wrong, but didn't Joe Wilcox already write a self-righteous screed about how he wasn’t leaving Apple, Apple left him?

Oh, yeah, here’s the Macalope’s take on that piece from almost a year ago. Apparently Joe’s going to leave Apple every year so he can make up a new reason why the company no longer meets his high personal standards.

Last year’s reason was because Apple was no longer innovative or inspiring without Steve Jobs. This year it’s because Apple’s too litigious about people copying its stuff (tip o’ the antlers to markbyrn).

The image of do-gooding, trendy Apple is inconsistent with its gruff bullying alter-ego.

There’s certainly no denying that Apple’s trendy. Just look at the trend lines. As for do-gooding, the Macalope’s not sure that’s ever been an accurate image.

Well, whatever. Like an in-law who's overstayed his welcome, we’re just eager to help Joe pack and be on his way.

I had planned to buy a Linksys router, but Cisco shenanigans compelling users to sign up for Cloud Connect accounts put me off.

Oh, you mean it’s complicated finding unicorn companies that never do anything wrong? Who’d have thought it?

Strangely, Apple abdication sends me to Google.

And Google, as we all know, is utterly chaste and pure and would never do anything that could be considered anything less than above-board.

Normally this is where the Macalope would insert “Cough,” with a link to something proving how hilariously naive that is, but what’s the point, really? Joe’s solely fixated on Apple’s foibles for some reason and facts would only get in the way of his self-righteous rant.

Look, there are aspects of Apple’s control the Macalope doesn’t like, either. But the problem with Wilcox’s boycot is that in fleeing a company with control issues, he’s run into the arms of one with tremendous privacy issues. Which, not surprisingly, he doesn’t discuss for a second. Quite the contrary, if you bring them up, that just means you’re part of the problem.

Meanwhile, expect more stories about Google, which surely some of you will insist is changing slave masters. Shame on you.

Indeed. Shame on us for not living in your black-and-white world, Joe. Nailed it.

[Editor’s Note: In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.]

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