Mountain Lion may have gone golden master this week, but this episode of the Macworld Podcast focuses on Apple’s other operating system. Senior editor Dan Moren and staff writer Lex Friedman join me to discuss the ins and outs of iOS 6.

Dan, Lex, and I talk about the features we’re looking forward to, the enhancements we hope Apple will add before iOS 6 ships this fall, and new additions to the mobile OS we just don’t understand at this point. And we’d love to hear about your iOS 6 expectations in the comments section of these shownotes.

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Be sure to read the iOS 6 frequent asked questions article that Macworld’s staff put together last month. Lex has also written about the Siri enhancements in iOS 6. We touched on iOS 6 in a previous podcast, focusing on Apple’s WWDC announcements.

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