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Apple’s shined up the MacBook Pro’s environmental rating, one rumor site is putting its shiny dollar down on a Mountain Lion release date, and the shine is off Siri for one tech writer. We hope you’ll take a shine to the remainders for Monday, July 16, 2012.

Apple gives itself passing EPEAT grade for Retina MacBook Pro (Ars Technica)

One wrinkle in that story about the Retina MacBook Pro’s EPEAT Gold rating: It seems those ratings are assigned by the manufacturer and only retroactively reviewed by EPEAT. So good news, everybody: I’m the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Olympic gold medal for the shot-put. I mean, until somebody reviews them.

Apple Store overnights happening July 24. Mountain Lion launch the next day? (9to5Mac)

Time for the latest edition of release-day roulette. 9to5Mac has put its money on Mountain Lion appearing next Wednesday, July 25th. That’s based largely on the fact that Apple’s third-quarter financial results are due on the 24th, and last year Apple released Lion on the day after its 2011 third-quarter results. As long as we’re predicting things, I’m going to say that Apple will release Mountain Lion on July 26th—just to keep people on their toes.

Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman: a profile (SFGate)

According to a story in the SFGate, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs reached out to Yelp co-founder Jerry Stoppelman in January 2010, advising him not to sell the company to Google. Jobs also reportedly spent about 45 minutes complaining to Stoppelman about the poor service he’d gotten at a local Cupertino restaurant.

With Apple’s Siri, a Romance Gone Sour (New York Times)

For the Times’s Nick Bilton, the bloom is off the rose that is Siri. Bilton complains that Siri often seems unavailable or unable to answer his questions. Nick, I hate to tell you the truth but … it’s me. Siri’s been answering my questions. For a while now. I just didn’t want to hurt you. I hope we can still be fellow tech journalists.

Product News:

Business Card Shop 4 - Chronos's SOHO Business Cards for Mac has been updated to version 4, bringing with it a new name. The app has a huge collection of artwork, including 107 horizontal business card templates and 19 vertical card templates; support for Aperture, iPhoto events, and custom folders in the built-in photo browser; the ability to add customizable reflections to graphics, shapes, and text boxes; a new integrated Layers pane; fullscreen support in Lion; and more. $40 for a new license; $25 for registered owners of SOHO Business Cards 1.x-3.x.

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