As a loyal Mac user it’s far more likely you’ll look toward an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad when considering a mobile device, but as Android tablets such as Google’s Nexus 7 become available for half the price of an iPad, some Mac users are going to cast an envious eye in their direction.

But given that iTunes doesn’t support these Android devices, how are you supposed to sync the content on your Mac to an Android phone or tablet? In under two minutes I show you how.

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Show transcript

While it’s true that Mac users are more likely to purchase an iPad or other iOS device rather than an Android device, with capable tablets like Google’s Nexus 7 coming on the scene at just $200, a number of people will be tempted to buy one.

The problem many will face is how to put the content they own on one of these tablets. If you own a Kindle, you just jack it in, the Kindle mounts on the Desktop, you open its image, and drag the content you want into the appropriate folder. But a Nexus and other Android devices won’t mount this way.

Instead, travel to and download the Android File Transfer application. Launch it and then plug your device into your Mac’s USB port. The contents of the device will appear in the application.

At this point, all you need to do is drag the content you want on the device to the appropriate folder—in this case I’d drag the music files to the Music folder and I’ll drag this Kindle-formatted ebook file to the Kindle folder. As you can see, those files are now on my Nexus 7.

And that’s it. Not as elegant as iTunes, I grant you, but at least you know it can be done. Thanks very much for watching.

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