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The Macalope thinks he may have pinpointed exactly what’s wrong with our education system. It’s this guy: Babson College senior lecturer in management, Marty Anderson.

Hang on to your hats, and keep your hands and feet inside the car, kids, because Anderson is going to give us a ride on the world’s longest roller coaster of wrong (tip o’ the antlers to Michael Gartenberg)!

Apple today proudly announces that if you buy their Mountain Lion OS, it will connect you to many unprotected sites, beyond your control, without your even knowing that you are so connected.

Buh? Unprotected sites? Beyond your control? Without your knowing? Did the Macalope miss a press release?

Watch this space.

Believe the Macalope, he wishes he could tear his eyes away from this train wreck of an article, but he cannot.

Apple is emulating Microsoft’s integration of Internet Explorer and the Windows operating system of the 1990’s.

Actually, no! That’s a terrible analogy. Microsoft integrated its own software in a manner that the Feds decided was anticompetitive. Apple’s integrating the social services of other companies. They’re nothing alike at all.

Almost every sentence in this piece is mind-numbingly, antler-achingly wrong. For the Macalope it’s like standing, starving, at a buffet of misery, unable to decide where to force himself to start eating. He could pretty much pull a quote from anywhere and run with it.

If you track Apple’s migration from a clean, bombproof operating system…

“Bombproof”? Well, it’s true the Macalope doesn’t remember being bombed while using early versions of OS X. Presumably, Anderson means it was secure, but it was less the inherent security of the OS than it was the small market size. Mountain Lion is far more inherently secure than, say, Panther, but it’s more targeted.

…to the 3-platform (PC, Mobile, TV) serpent it is now pushing through mandatory upgrades…

“Mandatory upgrades”? Are Apple’s jack-booted thugs storming into houses and forcing people to upgrade? Have words lost all meaning? Is the Macalope having a seizure?

If anything, iOS is a remarkable simplification of OS X and fantastically more secure.

…you will see a textbook case of increasing complexity, and of management moving toward dangerous attempts to control closed networks in an open network world.

The Macalope thinks we have here a textbook case of someone knowing just enough to be dangerous.

This is exactly what killed AOL in the late 1990’s.

AOL? What are you even talking about?! NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE.

Apple will survive, but at what cost?

Oh, thank God. Apple will survive … adding optional social media services to its operating system for those who choose to use them.

Apple managers appear to be designing their core DNA around a small market – the American mobile user. They are assuming all users want mandatory “social media” integration, but they are wrong.

It’s. Not. Mandatory.

What in-flight magazine article did you misread?

Mountain Lion’s mandatory, “integrated” real time connectivity to notoriously insecure social networking sites threatens Apple’s global growth among the new forms of enterprise bringing new growth to the world.



Good grief.

The Macalope just upgraded his MacBook Air to Mountain Lion yesterday. At no time was he required to provide his Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, or eWorld credentials. After the upgrade, because he chose to, the Macalope went into System Preferences and added his Twitter login. The End.

Why would anyone in their right mind build this kind of public access into the core operating system in a multicultural world?

What’s so amazing is that no other operating system vendor in the world is doing this OH, WAIT …

What would be wrong with creating a “mega communications App” – separate from the core operating system that could be turned on or off at will?

Are you willfully this obtuse or just genetically predisposed to obtusity? Again, all this can be turned off! And the point of baking it into the operating system is that it’s available everywhere. You can share from any application. If you don’t understand that, then you probably shouldn’t be writing about this subject.

Not that that wasn’t already painfully obvious.

Just because you call an Elephant a Mountain Lion does not mean it can jump smoothly from cliff to cliff.

And just because you string a bunch of words together in English doesn’t mean that they’re true or make a lick of sense.

[Editors’ Note: In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.]

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