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Apple gets a stay on its ‘Samsung copied us’ mea culpa, multiple prototypes for the iPhone and iPad didn’t make the cut, and two iPhones are totally better than one. The remainders for Friday, July 27, 2012 are on the level.

Apple’s “Samsung Didn’t Copy Us” Ad Campaign Postponed (AllThingsD)

Apple has received a postponement in the UK court case that would have forced it to publish ads explaining that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. The delay until October gives Apple the chance to appeal the case, so I guess there’s still time for Apple to figure out how to spin this in its favor. “The inimitable iPad…”

Apple U.S. margins for iPad about half of iPhone: filing (Reuters)

According to an unsealed document in the case against Samsung, the gross margins on the iPhone between April 2012 and March 2012 ranged from 49 to 58 percent, with the iPad’s margins coming in at 23 to 32 percent. Bet you dollars to donuts that Samsung would love to copy that.

The iPad that never was: kickstands, curves, and ‘highly confidential’ Apple prototypes revealed (The Verge)

More court documents, these showing off prototype iPads and iPhones. At one time, it seems like the iPad might have almost had a kickstand (take that, Surface). More interesting to me is the corner-cut iPhone prototype that looks like it belongs on Battlestar Galactica.

Apple: Google Warned Samsung Against Copying Us (AllThingsD)

According to yet more documents in the Samsung case, Google warned the Korean electronics manufacturer that its tablet prototypes looked too much like the iPad. Man, when even Google is telling you to back off, it might be time to listen.

New Apple Campaign Urges Consumers To Buy iPhone For Other Hand (The Onion)

You’ve totally got two hands, right? Why not fill that second hand with another iPhone. Finally, simultaneous multitasking!

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