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Once again, Apple dorks, we see that there is nothing you can have that Windows OEMs cannot take away.

A leak to The Verge shows how Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2 beats the iPad for business. Or, well, will totally beat the iPad for business—when it ships.

Wait, there was a ThinkPad Tablet 1?

Yep. An Android-based tablet to which CNet gave a compliment that’s the very definition of “backhanded.”

If your IT department could design a tablet, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet would be it.


And the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a continuation on the theme. It’s like Lenovo pulled a checklist out of a corporate IT white paper, handed it to engineers, and said “Make it.” Then they emailed the checklist to The Verge, which put it in their piece.

Are you ready for the iPad-killing?! Because here it comes.

Runs familiar PC apps and Metro—CHECK

As if anyone is familiar with Metro. Not surprisingly the iPad fails the checkbox that includes the criterion: “Runs an operating system from Microsoft that only got released to manufacturers yesterday.”


Not surprisingly, the best selling tablet in the corporate market, well, in every market, does not get a single check on this list.

Supports Active Directory—CHECK

Which you need because you’re stuck in an imaginary box of technology, like a corporate mime.

Domain Join & Group Policies—CHECK

Forget the fact that users love iPads, IT departments can’t apply cookie-cutter rules to them, so better to jam something they don’t like down their throats.

Manage Device with Windows 7 Tools—CHECK

OK, there’s really no point in continuing through this system admin’s fever dream. Anyone can make a list of hoops that the iPad can’t jump through, but the one thing you won’t find on this list is “Users like it.”


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