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Apple licenses certain significant patents to one of its historical arch-rivals. Elsewhere, another leak may or may not show off a key iPhone part, but it’s always good to be skeptical, because you never know when you might get screwed. The remainders for Monday, August 13, 2012 are all fouled up.

Apple expert shines light on Samsung sales in U.S. (Reuters)

The Apple-Samsung trial continues, dropping interesting tidbits like change from a man with holes in his pockets. Apple apparently licensed design patents to Microsoft, of all people, with an “anti-cloning agreement” in place. Which just goes to show you how little Apple is concerned about Redmond these days.

Leaked Photos of the ‘iPhone 5’ Logic Board (MacRumors)

Another rumored leak purportedly shows the logic board for the next iPhone. And honestly, would any of us really know if it was right? Or wrong for that matter? How much time do you spend looking at your phone’s logic board, weirdo?

Retina Mac Apps (

Looking for the best Mac apps to show off your MacBook Pro’s fancy new Retina display? Here’s the site for you: It features apps optimized for the new high-definition screen. Just keep in mind that your Retina display is probably not drool-proof.

The iPhone Has Passed a Key Security Threshold (Technology Review)

Good news for the security conscious: Brute force hacking the iPhone is apparently nigh impossible, even for law enforcement personnel. You just might want to avoid making your PIN 1-2-3-4.

How we screwed (almost) the whole Apple community (Day4)

A Sweden-based production firm decided to test the old adage about a lie going halfway around the world before the truth has time to get its pants on. The company created a fake screw, which it claimed Apple would be using to lock down the next iPhone. Sure enough, much of the Internet seized upon the story as totally true. Really, I just wanted the story to make it all the way back to Apple’s hardware design team and have them subsequently decide that it sounds like a great idea.

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