Adobe adds packaging feature to Illustrator CS6, but only for Creative Cloud subscribers

In an effort to differentiate its Creative Cloud subscription service from its traditional software offerings, Adobe has followed through on a promise to add additional features to Creative Suite 6 for subscribers.

A forthcoming update to Illustrator CS6 will allow artists and designers to package file assets for a project in a similar way to the long-established Package feature in InDesign.

Adobe has not announced exactly when this new feature would become available, but has publicized its intent as a way to further stir interest in its subscription service.

One of the most popular user requests, the new Packaging feature brings together linked images and fonts—though not some Asian fonts in this first update—and creates a report listing exactly what's included in the package.

According to an Adobe blog post, "We are lovingly calling it ”Package Files” since it’s an easy way to automatically collect everything necessary to work with your Illustrator document into a single folder. In that folder, you’ll find everything your document depends on: linked files, embedded fonts, static images."

By having Illustrator create this packaged folder, users can archive the folder, store it in a code repository, or share it with members of a team. This will come in especially handy, according to Adobe, especially since the comany says it is "working on some new sharing capabilities" that will ship for Creative Cloud soon.

Adobe has a sneak peek video posted online for more information.

Creative Cloud costs $50 per month if you sign up for a year, or $70 for a month-by-month contract. Until August 31, Adobe is offering owners of CS3 or later products or suites a subscription to Creative Cloud for $30 per month.

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