Weekly Wrap: iCloud woes, Mountain Lion tips, and more

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This week, we covered Twitter’s new crackdown, the intricacies of iCloud, and a slew of software and hardware news. Let’s dive deep with another edition of the Weekly Wrap.

Learn from us

Sometimes your documents in iCloud aren’t really in the cloud—leaving you (and your files) on whatever the opposite of cloud nine is.

We offered up a couple of Mountain Lion hints, including explanations on renaming your Safari bookmarks quicker than ever, and the ability to get Quick Look previews in Messages. If you prefer your Mountain Lion tips in audio form, be sure to listen to our information-packed 11-minute Macworld podcast devoted to that very topic. Even if you already know every single tip, I promise you that you don’t know which sound effects Chris Breen used. (Speaking of podcasts, over at TechHive, Mr. Breen offered up some suggestions to Apple for how it could fix the Podcasts app.)

Perhaps you prefer listening to music and not Macworld experts. In that case, you may enjoy our roundup of three apps for streaming the radio on your iOS device.

If you’re looking for hardware advice, we can help you with that, too, with the ins and outs of upgrading your iMac. Step one: Put your coffee cup somewhere else first.

In our opinion

Opinions are like iPhones: Nearly all of us have them. One perk of working here at Macworld, though, is that they pay us to share ours with you. And we offered up plenty of opinions this week.

Chris Holt wonders whether EA’s Origin service might revolutionize Mac gaming. Or are Mac users merely pawns in EA’s world-spanning real-life version of The Sims? And if so, does that mean the company’s about to take away my door? (Please note that last link, about torturing characters in The Sims in a room with no doors, uses adult language. To hilarious effect.)

We take our 140-character missive sharing seriously, which is why I feel strongly about the potential outcomes of Twitter’s new, stricter rules for developers.

And frankly, Serenity Caldwell thinks that for a store staffed by geniuses, Apple needs to get smarter (again) about its retail strategy.

On the product review front, we really like the amusing looking Hand Glider, a goofy glove that makes it easier to draw on your iPad with natural hand movement. But we’re less enamored of the MiniStation Thunderbolt, because of its disk mechanism.

Speaking of our plentiful opinions, we’re sure you have one about the government. This, of course, isn’t the right website to discuss those. But we’re happy to regale you with stories of how the government is putting the iPhone to work. We hope you won’t find the story too taxing, and that it won’t make you holler Uncle (Sam). Quit while we’re ahead? Okay, that gets our vote!

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