A great many more podcasters than you might imagine care about the audio quality of their work. And because they do, some would prefer to export their podcasts as uncompressed files rather than exporting them in a compressed format and then converting them to yet another compressed format.

Regrettably, GarageBand—a tool used by many podcasters—doesn’t provide an obvious way to do that. But there is a way and in this short video I show you how it's done.

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Show Notes

In the video I mention that, for the Macworld Podcast, we offer two versions—MP3 and an enhanced AAC version. The advantage of the enhanced format is that you can embed links and chapter marks, making it easier for listeners to gain more information via web links as well as quickly navigate through the podcast.

As part of my workflow I first create an uncompressed AIFF version and export it to iTunes. I then convert this file to the MP3 version. Yes, you can export directly from GarageBand to MP3, but I prefer to have a clean uncompressed copy should I wish to later use portions of it for another project (a “greatest hits” podcast, for example).

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Show transcript

This one is for the podcasters out there—specifically, those using GarageBand.

So, you’ve recorded your podcast in GarageBand and are ready to export it. You’d like to do this in both MP3 and enhanced AAC format as we do with our Macworld Podcast. But you’d also like the best quality file you can make, which means an uncompressed file.

But look. Choose Share -> Send Podcast to iTunes and in the sheet that appears your only options are AAC Encoder and MP3 Encoder—both of which produce compressed files. The Export Podcast to Disk command is no better as it too produces only compressed files. So, what to do?

There's actually an easy—though hardly intuitive—trick. Just travel to the Track menu and choose Hide Podcast Track. When you do, the command works as promised and hides the Podcast track. But that’s not all.

Take a look at the Share menu. GarageBand now believes you want to export a song rather than a podcast. Choose Send Song to iTunes and you now see a new Compress option. Uncheck this and your podcast will be exported as an uncompressed AIFF file. The same thing goes for the Export Song to Disk command. Again, there’s the Compress option. As long as it’s off, you can export your podcast as an AIFF file.

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