Weekly Wrap: The new iPhone 5, new iTunes, new iPods, and iOS 6

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If you like brand spanking new Apple hardware, this was a pretty good week for you. In case you somehow missed our nonstop, wall-to-wall coverage of the new iPhone 5 and other announcements that went along with it, let us catch you up on the week that just flew by.

The iPhone 5

The big news, of course, was Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 5. The bad news was that I had “iPad micro” as the new smartphone’s name in the Macworld office pool. Ah, well.

As expected, the iPhone 5 sports a taller screen, LTE support, a new connector, and other niceties. The camera is readier than ever for its close-up. And its new Lightning adapter—the one that replaces the dock connector port of old—when coupled with Apple’s existing Thunderbolt technology, means that yes, you will forever have that Queen song stuck in your head. You know the one:

Stomp stomp, clap
Stomp stomp, clap
We will, we will,
Force you to buy a bunch of new connectors and accessories and whatnot

If you’re not sure whether to upgrade to the iPhone 5, we can offer some advice. And if you decide you desperately need one and want to be the first to preorder, fire up your time machine—not your backup drive, your DeLorean—and go back to early Friday morning; as TechHive reported, shipping times from Apple.com have already slipped by a couple weeks.

Whether you ordered one or not, we imagine you’d like to spend some more time ruminating about all the nuances surrounding the iPhone 5. Luckily, we assembled the definitive iPhone 5 FAQ.

Unclear on what the heck LTE even means? TechHive can help you out with a three-minute explainer. Start the timer after you click.

As you might have guessed, we podcasted about the iPhone 5, and offered up a glorious slideshow devoted to the event as well.

Apple’s other announcements

Even the smaller announcements at Apple’s event were significant: A new, revamped version of iTunes is due next month; if iTunes continues its trend of adding all sorts of new features and complexity with each subsequent release, perhaps we’ll finally get the toaster/fridge feature set we’ve all been waiting for. And Apple says its new EarPods, which replace the maddeningly awful headphones the company has been shipping since the late 1800s, will afford us all easier listening, without requiring that we fire up any Yanni in iTunes: Toaster/Fridge Edition first.

Apple also showed off new versions of the iPod touch and iPod nano, each of which oozes all sorts of multitouchian goodness. Worth noting: Multitouchian Goodness also kind of sounds like a solid easy listening band.

iOS 6, the long-awaited sequel to the blockbuster flick that was iOS 5, ships September 19. Start exercising your index finger now, because you’re going to want to be quick on that Update button.

If you’re less about the hardware and software, and more about the nitty-gritty details of Apple’s numbers, well, for one, you’re an odd duck. But for two, here’s a rundown of all the numbers Apple CEO Tim Cook spelled out earlier this week.

Developers, as you might imagine, have a lot to say about their reactions to the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And we gauged reactions from around the Web and Twitter, too.

The best of the rest

We took issue with Jerry Seinfeld over his contention that iPhone cases are lame. Jerry responded by setting a million dollars on fire for fun inside his New York City penthouse, probably. Apple felt similar heat from some of its own customers, who were pretty irked about a lengthy iCloud email outage.

If you like talking to your Mac, don’t miss our Dictation tips; if you prefer for your Mac to talk to you, instead don’t miss our guide on rendering text-to-speech files.

Or, you could do what we’re doing, and endlessly check your email to see if you got a shipping notice for your new iPhone 5 yet.

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