The Week in iPhone Cases: Protection Junction

There seems to be no end in sight to the onslaught of iPhone 5 cases, which is great news for all those of us who are eagerly awaiting their new handset in the mail—or who are recovering from a very early morning in line at their closest Apple Store. Here are some of the latest announcements, lovingly collected by your faithful Macworld staff.

Ballistic's Every1

Ballistic: The Every1 (iPhone 5; $50) is a wraparound case that provides all-around protection, with a four-layer construction and a special air-gap suspension system that helps absorb shocks. It comes in pink/purple, charcoal/white, charcoal/baby blue, charcoal/raspberry, black/grey, grey/black, pastel violet/purple, black/white, or green/blue. And, if four layers of protection sounds like a lot, you’ll be surprised to hear that the Hard Code (iPhone 5; $60) provides five of them, and comes in many of the same color combinations.

The Shell Gel (iPhone 5, $35) is a snap-on case that features a ballistic gel polymer construction for maximum shock absorption, and comes in black, pink/black, white/black, cobalt, charcoal/raspberry, purple/teal, or charcoal/white. Its more advanced cousin, the SG Maxx (iPhone 5; $50) is also built to provide excellent protection, and comes with a convenient horizontal holster for clipping your iPhone to your belt, plus an outside silicone coating that ensures an excellent grip. The Maxx is available in black, black/white, charcoal/raspberry, cobalt, charcoal/white, or black/red.

Finally, for a more fashion-conscious take on protective accessories, look no further than the Smooth (iPhone 5; $30), which was built to be thin but highly conspicuous, thanks to its interchangeable components that come in a variety of different colors.

Cygnett's Icon

Cygnett: The Vector (iPhone 5; $19) features sleek embossed lines and an impact-resistant design; it’s built to keep your iPhone safe while offering a splash of color and fashion, and comes in black or purple. For a similarly elegant protective solution, you can also take a look at the Workmate (iPhone 5; $30), which features a heavy-duty shell and inner lining, and is available in black or olive green.

In the premium materials department, the company has introduced the UrbanShield, available in Genuine Carbon Fiber (iPhone 5; $30) and Alumiun (iPhone 5; $25), available in silver or black. Both models provide excellent protection using a dual material construction designed to fit snuggly around your handset.

If you’re looking for simpler components, Cygnett has you covered with the Aerogrip Feel (iPhone 5; $19), Polygon (iPhone 5; $19), Second Skin (iPhone 5; $17), and the Crystal (iPhone 5; $19), all available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and designed to offer excellent protection with minimal bulk. The Icon (iPhone 5; $30), on the other hand, is a heavier hard shell case with an attractive look, thanks to the various New York graffiti art-inspired patterns in which the case is available.

Cygnett’s iPhone 5 offerings are rounded out by the FlipWallet (iPhone 5; $40), which integrates your handset with a veritable wallet, complete with money compartment and plastic card sleeves; the Bulldozer (iPhone 5; $20), built for extra protection thanks to its sturdy construction and easy-grip texture; the Lavish, a wraparound case made of genuine leather with a special magnetic clasp that keeps your iPhone safe while you’re not using it; and the Action Armband (iPhone 5; $17), built for active users who take their iPhones with them when running or working out.

FreshFiber's Maille

FreshFiber: The company’s iPhone 5 lineup includes the Macedonia (iPhone 5; $40), a soft rubber snap-on case that features a see-through, three-dimensional pattern. It is available in grey, purple, graphite black, pink, stone white, or red. The similarly constructed Maille (iPhone 5; $40) can be custom manufactured with a word or saying of your choice printed on the back for a small additional fee (limited to one line of text), and comes in red, stone white, pink, grey, graphite black, or purple. Finally, the Mondriaan (iPhone 5; $35) includes a handy pocket that can be used to store cards and cash; pick between graphite black, stone white, or grey.

Griffin Technology's Kazoo

Griffin Technology: The company announced more than two dozen accessories in support of Apple's latest handset, including the Survivor Belt Clip (iPhone 5; $50), which is built to military standards to provide shatter-resistant protection for your iPhone and comes in 20 different multi-colored themes. Griffin Technology also announced the Reveal (iPhone 5; $20), a simple but efficient snap-on shell that features a clear body with a colored bumper, available in white, blue, orange, aqua, black, grey, yellow, or pink; and the awfully cute Kazoo (iPhone 5; $25) designed for little ones in the shape of a variety of zoo animals.

For a more sophisticated yet fun look, you may want to check out the Wise Eyes Series (iPhone 5; $25), the Mustachio (iPhone 5; $25), and the Moxie (iPhone 5; $30). Based on the same overall design, these cases offer a wide range of colors and styles, varying from elegant animal prints to stylized animals, to… mustaches.

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