Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 review, iOS 6 annoyances, and a Tim Cook Maps apology

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This week, Macworld reviewed the new iPhone 5, solved annoyances in iOS 6 and elsewhere, and covered a humble Maps apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The iPhone 5

Although many millions of you didn’t wait for it before buying one for yourselves, our iPhone 5 review was ready for reading. We put the iPhone 5’s battery to the test, and we speculated about why Apple chose to run older apps centered on the taller iPhone’s screen.

Quite frankly, you should be impressed that we wrote all that when we could have been playing with our brand new iPhones squeeeeee!

If you still didn’t get an iPhone 5 of your own, you can now reserve one online to pick up in an Apple Store, keeping your human interaction time and your iPhone waiting period each to a minimum. And if you live in the right place, you could theoretically choose a regional carrier for the iPhone 5 instead the usual national suspects.

If you’re struggling to find an adapter to use your iPhone 5 with your older dock connector accessories, CableJive looks to be the first third-party to ship a usable one.

Various annoyances

There are things in iOS 6 that still bug us. Then there are other iOS 6 issues affecting battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, and iTunes Match, too—and those we have solutions for. We can also help you deal with things that annoy you with email.

If you’re feeling frustrated by the Maps app in iOS 6, Apple CEO Tim Cook is sorry and doesn’t want to lose you. He’d be lost without you! Much as you are, with Apple’s new Maps app. So it goes.

When you do find yourself irked because you can’t find yourself in Maps, make sure to report the issue to Apple so that the flaws can—in theory—be improved.

One particular iOS 6 annoyance is the way it can muck up your Contacts with your friends from Facebook. Luckily, that Facebook contact cluttering can be cleaned up with few quick pokes.

In with the new

Among the new things we covered this week was an Apple TV update with some fun new features. Adobe launched Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11; we’ve already reviewed both of them.

If you’d like to take your iMac higher, the new HiRise can rise to the occasion.

And speaking of new things, our new iOS 6 Upgrade Guide covers everything you need to know about the latest version, available now in the iBookstore.

Four how-to’s

ARV TBEG NRR SVYT NLSG RF ARVW TBFPM. Whether you crack that code or not, you still might appreciate the sentiment behind it, and thus be interested in our video guide to easily encrypting drives in Mountain Lion.

We’ll bet you didn’t know that you could drag Mail messages into Reminders to create new tasks for yourself. And we’ll bet you didn’t realize it was possible to record calls you make on your iPhone, either. If you call a friend and tell them all about the Reminders trick, you could potentially combine both of these how-to’s at once.

And if you suffer from the common ailment of Messy Desktop Syndrome, don’t miss our Automator workflow of the month for quickly tidying things up.

A few reviews for you

We pitted Parallels Desktop 8 against VMWare Fusion 5 to see which was better for running Windows on your Mac. Not in the article, but true nonetheless: It’s more fun to avoid Windows entirely.

We awarded four mice to Things 2.0; read the review to find out why. And if you’re going to forget to do that, maybe put it on whatever you currently use to manage your to-do list.

Sticky Notifications isn’t as messy as it sounds; the latest Mac Gem integrates nicely with Notification Center to help you remember pretty much anything.

Finally, if your Mac needs a good talking to, maybe fire up Dragon Dictate 3 first, so that it least takes note of what you’re saying.

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