Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 tips, iPad mini theories, and remembering Steve

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You didn’t hear it from me, but the calendar claims that it’s already October. That means that it’s just a few weeks to Halloween, and then a few more to Thanksgiving, and then it’s time to start feeling holly and jolly, and then it’s 2013, and holy moly can we just take a break for a moment?

Indeed we can, with another edition of the only Macworld article that points you to the best stories from the week gone by: The Weekly Wrap.

The iPhone 5, iOS 6, and that rumored iPad mini

If you’re worried about whether your iPhone 5’s photo prints will sport a purple haze, let our lab give you the lowdown. If you’re instead worried about finding a good, one-word rhyme for “purple”—boy, we can’t help you.

Verizon iPhone 5 customers should manually install an important carrier update to avoid a nasty bug that could gobble up your data allowance. And if you prefer to gobble caffeinated beverages, you’ll cheer the news that Starbucks added Passbook support. Starbucks isn’t the only company making iOS 6 life better; Google got in on the act, too by adding Street View to the mobile version of Google Maps. I can see my house from here!

iOS 6 brought with it many Siri improvements; it’s now possible to spend a whole day talking to Siri. Siri always listens to you (unless you’re in an area with really spotty coverage).

We can also guide you through the process of freeing up extra iCloud storage space, a topic about which we also podcasted.

And if you want to master everything there is to know about the iPhone 5, grab a digital copy of the iPhone 5 Starter Guide. Technically, it might be a physical impossibility to grab an ebook, but that’s a topic for another day.

Wondering when the iPad mini—if it exists—will finally get announced? Not so soon, if you trust our Dan Moren. Soon, if you don’t.

How to do stuff

You can coax great audio from iMovie ’11 if you follow our sound advice. (Editor’s note: Get it?!)

One might assume it would be impossible to come up with power tips for Quick Look. One would be dead wrong.

We also put together a primer on Mountain Lion’s Preview powers, which are rather substantial, as it turns out. And if your Mac’s Windows installation needs room to grow, here’s our guide on resizing a Boot Camp partition. We haven’t published a guide to shaking your need to install Windows on your Mac. Yet.

Reviews of all kinds

We went hands on with Camera Awesome for iPad, and wonder if they’d considered the alternate name “Camera Awe Something.” Just an idea.

A pair of Mac Gems might help improve your music listening experience. The HiddenRadio speaker, unfortunately, probably won’t. On the other hand, the TuneIn Radio app for iOS proves that, in fact, video still hasn’t killed the radio star.

If you’re into App.net, don’t miss our roundup of five App.net apps for iPhone, including the just-released Netbot.

We also reviewed the latest incarnation of QuickBooks, which is quirky but good—much like the Weekly Wrap.

Remembering Steve

It’s been a year since Apple co-founder and CEO Stee Jobs died. It’s a testament to his legacy that Apple’s largely the same company it was when he was alive. On this sad anniversary, Tim Cook and Apple face five key decisions; we shared some thoughts on those, too.

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