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The recent release of the iPhone 5—and the consequent onslaught of new cases—means that it’s been a few weeks since we’ve taken a dip into the arena of iPad cases. Fear not, however, for our team of intrepid researchers has been biding its time, waiting patiently for the opportunity to bring you news of new protective accessories for your tablet of choice. We present our (almost) weekly iPad-case roundup.

AccessoryGeeks's iLoveHandles Cyclops

AccessoryGeeks: The iLoveHandles Cyclops (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; $35) is a furry monster of a case that keeps your iPad safe from dents and scratches while giving it a very unique and…fuzzy look. It’s made of a soft material designed to mimic the fur of teddy bears, while its hands—yes, hands, can be used to keep your screen clear of dust and fingerprints. This author may or may not have attempted to purchase one (strictly for research purposes, mind you), only to discover that the company seems to be currently sold out.

Fabrix's Leather Satchel

Fabrix: The Leather Satchel (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; $179) is designed primarily to house one of Apple’s MacBooks (up to the 15-inch versions, including the Retina MacBook Pro). But a special pocket at the front can be used to carry an iPad and several accessories. The satchel is made of fine leather, features two secure clasps to safely carry all your electronics without having to worry about spillage, and can be purchased in either black or tan.

Fu-design's Screamer

Fu-design: The Screamer (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $60) is a leather cover that includes a convenient flip stand and is compatible with the iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake feature. It includes all the appropriate cutouts to ensure that you enjoy unfettered access to your tablet’s ports, buttons, and cameras, and it sports a cool design featuring mascot Fu Robot.

iLuv's Pangborn Art Collection

iLuv: The Pangborn Art Collection (iPad 3; $80) is a portfolio-style case that is built with a soft interior to protect your tablet from the vicissitudes of everyday life, and the case can be propped up for viewing in several landscape-orientation positions. The case features one of three designs by artist Dominic Pangborn, and includes several cutouts to provide access to all of the iPad’s ports, buttons, and cameras.

InCase's Warhol Portfolio

Incase: The company’s Warhol Collection, inspired by the legendary designer who so aptly captured the essence of pop art, has been updated with the addition of the Warhol Portfolio (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $80), which, in addition to featuring many of Warhol’s iconic designs, can be converted to a stand for viewing in landscape orientation. The case comes with a zippered closure for maximum protection during transport.

For a more classic look, the Origami Jacket (iPad 3; $70) features a special front cover that takes a cue from the popular Japanese art of folding paper to help prop up your iPad at six different viewing angles in both landscape and portrait orientation. The very same front cover is also compatible with the iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake feature, and it is complemented by a hardshell back that provides excellent protection. The back shell features all the appropriate openings for cameras, buttons, and ports.

The LaunchPort Sleeve

LaunchPort: The LaunchPort System (iPad 2 and iPad 3; starts at $149) is a docking solution that allows you to attach your iPad to just about any surface you can think of (and a few you probably can’t). At its heart is the Sleeve, a case (available in black or white) that safely protects your tablet and provides a connector to which one of several mounts, called Stations, can be attached. The company currently makes two kinds of stations: one designed for horizontal surfaces, and another for their vertical counterparts.

LifeEdge's Waterproof Case

LifeEdge: Second to small children, with their uncanny ability for destruction, water is likely the iPad’s most insidious enemy—a splash in the wrong place, and you’re in for a very expensive trip to the Genius Bar. Luckily, LifeEdge has you covered with its Waterproof Case (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; £99), which is 100 percent waterproof, provides excellent sound-transmission characteristics, and even features a convenient handstrap for easy carrying. It comes in grey, aqua, lime green, or pink.

Loopworks's Laptop Sleeve

Looptworks: You’re probably very familiar with the concept of recycling, but what about “upcycling?” That’s exactly what this company specializes in: It collects and recycles unused—but still new—scrap materials from clothes and accessory manufacturers, and refashions them into unique and environmentally friendly protective accessories for consumer electronics. Among the many models, you’ll find the misleadingly named Laptop Sleeve (iPad 1, 2, and 3; $30), which nevertheless is designed to fit Apple’s tablet. The sleeve is made of soft, high-quality neoprene; includes a convenient zippered pocket for loose changes and cables; and is available in blue, grey, orange, or red.

Pelican Products: The i1075 Hardback (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; price unavailable) is a serious carrying case for use in rugged scenarios. It’s designed to keep your iPad safe from all sorts of mishaps, including inclement weather, drops, water immersion, and, probably, nuclear war. It features a convenient shoulder strap, and an integrated easel helps you stand your tablet up during use.

USBFever's SecurityLocker

USBFever: The SecurityLocker (iPad 3; $93) is a rigid-plastic case designed to keep sticky fingers (no, not your kid’s digits—the other sticky fingers) away from your tablet. The case features a secure lock with a steel cable that can be wrapped around an immovable object to help prevent theft, and it can be arranged to work as a stand in landscape orientation. A shoulder strap can also be attached to the SecurityLocker, allowing for convenient, hands-free transport.

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