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Seeking Alpha has reached deep into its barrel of monkeys and pulled out Bret Jensen to tell us why Apple droolz while Microsoft rulz.

“Apple Versus Microsoft: The Tide Is Turning”

Major inflection points occur regularly in history, politics and even the stock market.

You’re deep, Bret.

Apple has done little to no wrong over the last few years…

Because no one ever complained about anything Apple did prior to Steve Jobs’s death. As opposed to now, when the wheels are supposedly coming off the bus. You can’t argue with zombie pundit falsehoods, people!


First, it missed earnings estimates both on the top and the bottom line.

Sorry, who missed earnings? Not Apple, which reported earnings above its guidance. No, it was Wall Street analysts who missed earnings. Apple did just fine.

It also had a major glitch with the new mapping software in its iPhone5 launch which drew much derision and led to a high profile management departure as well.

Well, let’s face it, there’s more than one reason for Scott Forstall’s departure. But it’s certainly true that the iPhone never before had a glitch that people made a huge deal out of.


The tech juggernaut which has been lauded for years for doing everything right now has analysts questioning whether it has lost its “vision” and “mojo”.

You’re double dipping there, chief. The reason it’s had a collection of mouth breathers question such heady topics as Apple’s “mojo” is because of the prior two events. And the fact that Tim Cook goes on stage with his shirt tail untucked.

Finally, major pundits like Doug Kass are opining that the company’s best days are behind it and the company has grown too large to manage.

Wait, Doug Kass is a major pundit?! Well, he’s a major something, all right. This is the guy who decided the iPhone 5 was a total fail after, and the Macalope quotes, playing with the device “for about a minute.”

Jensen believes Microsoft is on the way up as Apple is on the way down.

It new Surface tablet is garnering a bevy of solid reviews, including by well-respected and followed Walt Mossberg.

Who has consistently panned Apple products buhhhhhh?

This critical product line is gaining good traction with the all-important app developer community and 46 of the top 50 selling apps available for the device at launch. Although it is has a long way to go before it has the same supporting ecosystem of Apple or Google (GOOG), it seems like it off to a good start.

Two. And a half. Years. Later.

It also has other big opportunities, including being a major player in managing “Big Data” which the NY Times heaped a good deal of praise on in a profile piece on the company in yesterday’s paper.

The iPad, by contrast, is a dead-end device that has no prospects whatsoever.

In addition, its new Windows 8 operating system is off to an impressive start with over 4mm copies sold in its first three days of release.

Is that impressive? Microsoft’s installed base is huge and Apple shipped 3 million copies of Mountain Lion in its first four days. In that context, at least, it doesn’t sound so terribly awesome.

Some pundits are even projecting Microsoft will win this war of attrition which is something one has not seen in some time.

You are clearly not paying attention. There have always been people who will loudly declare that Microsoft is so awesome and that it always wins and that Apple will crumble before Redmond’s marketing might, despite the fact that the iPhone business alone is bigger than all of Microsoft. We saw this with the Zune, for crying out loud, and we saw this with every one of the dozen or so music services that Microsoft launched and then shuttered. Now we’re seeing it again.

Windows 8 will probably do decently and will give the company a needed shot in the arm. But until Microsoft has truly impressive numbers to report, you might want to keep the end-zone-dancing down to a dull roar.

[Editors’ Note: In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.]

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