Remains of the Day: Open and shut

Remains of the Day

Apple opens up its coffers, a patent firm opens another front against Cupertino, and a judge reopens part of the Apple v. Samsung case. (Nooooooooo!) The remainders for Friday, November 9, 2012 are an open book.

Apple donates $2.5M to Hurricane Sandy relief (9to5Mac)

Apple under Tim Cook is all about the charitable giving, it seems. The company apparently donated $2.5 million to the Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. If the company had really been clever, it would have offered to replace water-destroyed Android tablets with new iPad minis.

Company wins $368M from Apple, immediately files brand-new lawsuit (Ars Technica)

If at first patent case you succeed, sue, sue again. That appears to be VirnetX’s new motto. Having taken Apple for $368.2 million earlier this week, the patent-holding firm is now suing Cupertino over infringing patents in the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini, all Mountain Lion-running Macs, and iPod Socks.

Judge to review whether foreman in Apple v. Samsung hid info (CNet)

A federal judge will look into whether or not the jury foreman of the Apple v. Samsung committed misconduct. Stay tuned for the soon-to-come remake of the classic: 12 Angry Corporations. (They’re people too!)

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