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The Macalope really tries not to go after the low-hanging fruit. It may not seem like it, but he does. In any given week he assiduously refuses to tear into an assortment of crackpot random bloggers and low-end wannabe sites.

Seeking Alpha is right on the edge.

And you wouldn’t begrudge the Macalope a little taste of low-hanging fruit, right? Particularly when it’s this ripe?

Our pal Karl Denninger is back (disclaimer: not an actual pal):

“Oh Apple, About That ‘Win’ You Thought You Got…”

If you don’t remember Karl, he made some craaaaaazy predictions about a year ago, including saying that Apple’s stock would crash to $100 a share.

No, look, you can click the link. He really said that.

OK, fine, but the Macalope is getting a little tired of this game we play where he says something a silly pundit actually said and you won’t believe him and then he has to prove it to you. It’s like all the trust has gone out of this relationship.

Since Karl made his prediction, Apple’s stock has gone up about 42 percent, so naturally he’s now come back to us, chastened and …

There’s dumb, there’s really dumb, and then there’s Tim Cook:

Oh! No! He’s not chastened at all! Who could have seen that coming?!

Oh, God, the Macalope shouldn’t be doing this. He’s enjoying it too much. It’s like taking candy from a baby! An obnoxious, mewling baby that’s always wrong about Apple.

On second thought, let’s take the candy. And eat it right in front of this dumb baby.

Suing someone who is a single-source supplier is usually one of the dumber things you can do, as they’re quite capable of making sure that any judgment you “receive” comes right back to them and out of your hide.

Karl is referring to the recent “news” that Samsung jacked its prices for processors up a whopping 20 percent. Just one problem with that:

After reports earlier in the week that the South Korean technology giant was raising application processor (AP) prices on Apple by as much as 20%, a Samsung Electronics official denied the reports to The Hankyoreh, a Seoul-based newspaper.

The Macalope doesn’t know which report is true, but it certainly seems a little unlikely that Samsung would suddenly be able to demand such a huge increase. If the company had Apple over such a big barrel, why was it charging them cut-rate prices in the first place?

Karl’s conclusion:

This isn’t a small mistake, it’s a marker of a company that is bereft of basic logic in the executive suite.

The Macalope’s not even going to refute that. He’s just going to let it sit there in all its ridiculous, ironic glory.


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