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Just so there aren’t any misconceptions, the Macalope doesn’t believe that everyone has to use Apple products. Frankly, he thinks some people shouldn’t even be allowed to. He’s still trying to figure out how to trade Mike Elgan back to the other team.

But, really, different people want different things. As long as your information is good, make your own judgements. What the Macalope doesn’t like, however, is a pundit who says “I don’t like the iPad/iPod/iPhone/MacBook Air/iPod Socks, so no one will.”

For what it’s worth, Byte’s Larry Seltzer sets the right tone.

“iPhone And iPad: My Top 5 Complaints”

For some reason pundits seem to feel the need to let people know all the intimate details of their personal buying decisions. The Macalope doesn’t know how useful this information really is, but at least Seltzer doesn’t play the “Apple is doomed” card.

That’s not to say the Macalope agrees with all of his reasoning. But his list reads like a list of Android features. iOS can’t be customized, the iPhone doesn’t have a memory card slot, there’s no back button, the cable is proprietary, and the battery isn’t swappable.

If that’s what gets you raging, you are certainly going to be happier with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus NS HTC III Motorola DS Em Oh You Ess Eee.

… microSD is slower than internal storage, but it’s better to have it than not to have it.

That’s an opinion. Features come with costs, however—both monetary and otherwise—and the Macalope is happy not to pay for a feature he isn’t going to use.

Neither the 30-pin nor Lightning connectors do anything positive for the user—except maybe Lightning’s reversibility.

Maybe? That’s exactly what it does, and it’s a feature this hoofed beast uses every time he plugs his iPhone in, which is every day. But if you prefer cable ubiquity over the ability to plug it in on the first try in the dark, godspeed to you, sir. Bon voyage. Adieu. Sayonara. Drive safe.

My sister still has a BlackBerry and one of the major reasons is that the battery life is superior. When she tried the iPhone she couldn’t make it to the end of the day on a single charge.

As the joke goes, the reason your battery is draining so much faster is because you’re using it more. In the case of a BlackBerry, the joke is almost certainly true. The battery life on a BlackBerry probably isn’t superior, it’s just that the ability of the device to drain it—and your propensity to exercise that ability—is simply that much less. The same is probably true for most Android users. Study after study shows iOS device users take advantage of the “smart” capabilities of their mobile devices more.

But, hey! You can’t swap an iPhone battery! Which means iPhones look and feel nicer without a janky removable plastic back. Personally, the Macalope just gets a new Mophie battery pack every other year—round about Macworld Expo, when he knows he’s going to push his iPhone to the limit. He’s not sure why buying a battery case is unacceptable while buying another battery for a phone that looks like crap isn’t, but … to each his own.

The next phone I get won’t be an Apple phone. I’ve had enough.

Fair enough.

Say, if you’re not using that Lightning cable anymore …

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