The Week in iOS Accessories: Power up

This week's roundup of iOS accessories brings you new ways to dock your new phone, as well as batteries galore.

The Week in iOS Accessories

This week's roundup of iOS accessories brings you new ways to dock your new phone, as well as batteries galore.


Looking for a speaker dock for your Lightning-connector-equipped iPhone 5? The $250 SoundDock Series III Digital Music System, the latest model in Bose’s venerable SoundDock line, offers exactly that. The compact package weighs less than 5 pounds and includes a remote control.


The $180 Bluetooth G-Shock is a wristwatch—remember those?—that pairs with your iPhone, alerting you to incoming calls and email. And if your iPhone is temporarily misplaced, your G-Shock watch can help you find it again.


The $100 SunVolt and $130 SunVolt Max offers solar-powered recharging for your iOS device and other USB-powered gear. The SunVolt Max, with its larger array of solar cells, offers up to 50 percent more charging power.


The $80 Mojo Hi5 is a battery case for the iPhone 5. The case snaps onto your phone and provides up to five additional hours of battery life.


The $145 Extreme 15000 is a 15,600mAh external battery capable of recharging your iOS devices. (It’s also good for most laptops.) It stylishly accessories them, too, coming in black or white. The battery is the flagship of iWalk’s new “Extreme” line.


The $150 Outride lets iPhone owners become action photographers and videographers. Just slip your phone into the case, which includes a 170-degree-angle lens, mount it to your kayak or handlebars, and capture your most adventurous stunts on “film” or video.


The $60 Enduro Mini is a protective case for your iPad mini that also includes a super-slim Lithium-ion battery pack. The battery more than doubles the battery life of your the mini. The Enduro Mini is available in black, pink, or blue.


The $80 Power Core Micro is a small, rechargeable battery that can juice up your dead iPhone twice over. At its core is a high-density, 3500mAh battery compatible with any iOS device or other USB-powered gadget.


The $50 Audio Cube has one of those self-explanatory names: It’s a square squared, and it offers Bluetooth streaming of audio from your iPhone or iPad. The cube can play music for up to six hours before a recharge is needed.

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Want to show your iPad off in a business setting? The $190 iPad Kiosk is a secure mount that lets you display the tablet—along with any business-related apps—in public, but without the risk of somebody running off with your iPad. Custom keys are available; so are custom “wraps” to put your brand on the kiosk.


The $32 iPega PG-9017 Bluetooth Controller puts your iPhone at the center of a gaming system—or, more precisely, slaps it atop an old-school-Sega-style controller that gives you precision control over your gaming apps. The iPega can also be used wirelessly.


The $310 Crossfade M-100 includes a folding hinge for easy storage and travel, as well as an Apple-style inline remote/mic module to ensure you always have control over your music and calls.

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