The Week in iPad Cases: Baker Street Blues

Another instalment of our weekly iPad case roundup awaits you, with a great selection of protection good for both high society and...high altitude.

The Week in iPad Cases

It’s time for a new installment of our weekly iPad-case roundup.

This week, we bring you cases designed for the most exclusive streets of London, for the rugged areas of Canada, and for nothing more serious than an afternoon on the couch.

Grantwood Technology

The SmartBack for iPad (iPad 2, 3, and 4; $25) is the perfect complement to Apple’s Smart Cover. It protects the back of your tablet with a snap-on shell that has cutouts specifically designed to allow the Smart Cover to connect securely to your tablet.

The case, which comes in black or silver, is also specially designed so that a Smart Cover will actually cling to the case when the Smart Cover is folded back, rather than dangling inconveniently.

Griffin Technology

The Passport (iPad mini; $35) is a simple, but elegant case for your iPad mini, held in place by a rubber band in each corner. The inside of the case is made of soft microsuede to protect your tablet from scratches and smudges, and the outside features an opening for the rear camera. Another robust rubber band keeps everything securely fastened while you’re on the go.

The Passport is available in two variants. One features a blue background with white bands and a faux-university emblem, while the other depicts a set of multi-colored, stylized owls on a brown background.


The Dolce (iPad 2, 3, and 4; $15) snaps on to the back of your iPad and protects it from scratches and bumps, all the while leaving enough room for one of Apple’s own Smart Covers. The case is manufactured from a material that, according to the company, is more durable than silicone cases and hard covers, and it offers excellent grip.

The case, which is hand washable, comes in green, pink, blue, or black.


The VersaCover Origami (iPad mini; $50) features a front cover that folds like Japanese paper origami, allowing you to prop up your tablet in a wide range of positions for typing or viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations.

The cover, which is compatible with the iPad mini’s magnetic sleep/wake feature, is available in grey, green, blue, or pink.


The Enduro Mini (iPad mini; $60) incorporates a slim, 8000mAh battery to provide your iPad mini with an extra 125 percent charge, more than doubling its autonomy away from the power grid.

The battery adds very little bulk to the case, which comes in black, blue, or pink, and can also be used to prop up your tablet for viewing in landscape orientation.

Pelican ProGear

The Slim Tablet Case (all standard iPad models; $68 Canadian) fits most 10-inch tablets and is designed for rugged protection. Its molded, plush, shock-absorbing liner helps protect from impacts and drops, while the easy-open latch remains closed under pressure and even upon impact.

The case is also fully watertight, with a special purge valve that keeps water and dust out while equalizing pressure. Plus, it’s made in Canada, and we know a thing or two about extreme weather up here.

Perfect Fit Technologies

The Screen Shield (iPad mini; $30 and up) is an anti-glare screen protector that also helps keep fingerprints away. It uses a silicone adhesive that goes on dry and leaves no residue when removed—plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Shield’s most interesting feature, however, is a contraption that the company calls the “Perfect Fit Applicator.” It fits on top of your tablet and ensures that the screen protector is perfectly aligned with all the cameras and ports, as appropriate.

A larger version (iPad 2, 3, and 4; $40), designed for Apple’s full-size iPad models, is also available.


Looking for something extra chic? Smythson’s Mara Collection (iPad mini; £235) is not priced for the bargain hunter, but it’s also no ordinary case. Made from printed calf leather, it features a camel-nubuck lining, a pen/stylus loop, and a slim pocket where you can stash a document or two, or perhaps a small notepad to carry along with your tablet.

The case, which features all the appropriate openings for ready access to cameras, buttons, and ports, holds the iPad mini securely in place thanks to a special pocket with a tuck closure that uses no metal in order to prevent scratches and keep dust away from sensitive corner areas.


The Cara (iPad mini; $40) is branded by the company as a super-tough, 360-degree-protection solution. It features a mixed-material construction to safeguard your tablet from shock; and a durable, scratch-resistant-coating, polycarbonate screen protector to keep scratches and cracks away.

The folio construction allows you to prop up your iPad mini for viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations, and the exterior texture offers an excellent grip. The case, which is compatible with the iPad mini’s magnetic sleep/wake feature, comes in black, white, or red.

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