The Week in iPhone Cases: Icy roads

For much of the northern hemisphere, it's a time for snow, ice, and all the inevitable slips and falls that they bring -- the best possible time to think about protecting your iPhone from bumps and fall with one of these great cases.

The Week in iPhone Cases

For much of the Northern Hemisphere, this time of the year brings snow, ice, and all the little slips and falls that come with them.

What better time than to add a bit more protection to your iPhone in the form of a case? Your friends at Macworld are ready to help with our latest roundup of new cases.


The Arctic Wallet Stand (iPhone 5; $25) is two products in one: a kickstand that can prop up your iPhone in landscape or portrait orientation, and a wallet that can hold multiple plastic cards and paper money.

It comes in red, pink, orange, or black, and it features a form-fitting TPU construction coupled with a special external fabric material that is compatible with most RFID card readers.


The CardNinja (all iPhone models; $20) is a sleeve that attaches to the the back of your iPhone (or to your existing case, if you have one) and provides a convenient pocket for plastic cards or paper money.

Designed to safely hold cards and banknotes even when it’s upside-down, the CardNinja is available in black, grey, or purple.


The Sensus (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; $59 to $99) is a touch-sensitive case that expands the iPhone’s native touch input interface to the sides and back of the handset, providing compatible apps with additional information about the position of your fingers.

The case is expected to ship in the summer of 2013; according to the company, the case will feed off of the iPhone’s battery, but will have minimal impact on overall battery life.

Case Scenario

The Smiley (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; €20 to €25) is all about happy faces, with over a dozen versions inspired by the iconic design.

These snap-on cases are built from durable, hardshell materials designed to keep your iPhone safe while brightening your day.


The Vibes Swirl (iPhone 5; $40) is an ultra-slim, snap-on case that features a two-material construction that combines style and function.

The case, which comes in black, grey, or purple, is built to protect the screen of your handset while it’s resting face-down on a surface; the case is also compatible with Apple’s Lightning-to-30-pin Dock connector adaptor.


The Outride (iPhone 4 and 4S; $150) is built with the extreme filmmaker in mind.

Designed to withstand significant forces and to attach to a variety of sports equipment, the Outride features a special fish-eye lens that gives a very wide angle of view for capturing spectacular videos of your active life.


The Popslate (iPhone 5; $99) is an e-ink case that adds a second screen to your phone. Yes, you read correctly: a second screen, designed using the same technology that powers Amazon’s Kindle devices.

This screen gives you the capability to change your case’s design on a whim without having to pay extra—plus, in the future, the company plans to add support for integration with third-party services that could bring a slew of additional features to your fingertips without even having to turn on your phone.


The Vital (iPhone 5; $35) features a hard, impact-resistant outer shell combined with a soft, shock-absorbing interior that offers a great combination of protection and style.

The case comes in black/black or black/white color combinations, each sporting a streamlined design that, according to the company, evokes “emotion, exhilaration, and adrenaline.”


The Vitreo (iPhone 5; $40) is a screen cover made from tempered glass that offers superior protection without impeding your ability to use your handset’s touch interface.

With a 9H hardness rating, the Vitreo is shatterproof, has tapered edges for comfort, and features an oleophobic coating that helps keep fingerprints and smudges at bay.

Spigen SGP

The Slim Armor (iPhone 5; $18) is a thin case with a dual-layer construction that protects from both shocks and scratches.

The exterior of the Slim Armor offers a two-tone design available in gunmetal, metal slate, or satin silver.


The Bones (iPhone 5; $30) is a protective case made from super-protective PC material and covered with a rubberized TPU that helps absorb shock.

The case, which comes in black/white, black, green, blue/pink, or pink/green, also features a cute “boney” design on the back, along with covered buttons for tactile access.


The Waterproof Protective Case Shell (iPhone 5; $20) is designed to keep water and dust away from your handset while still allowing complete control over all its functions.

Ideal for camping, swimming, and boating, the case is available in blue, dark blue, green, pink, purple, white, yellow, or black.

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