The Week in iOS Accessories: Weigh out!

This week's roundup of new iOS accessories offers ways to listen to music, weigh your baby, and plug in your favorite instrument.

Weigh out!

This week's roundup of new iOS accessories offers ways to listen to music, weigh your baby, and plug in your favorite instrument.


This audiomaker has unveiled its new Omni line of components for playing music wirelessly from your Airplay-enabled device. Put all the components together—including the $199 Onni Amp, $129 Omni Link, the $249 Omni SP3i speakers, the $249 Omni SP4i speakers, as well as the $249 Omni Wall speakers—for an entire home worth of Behringer-branded audio.


Need to charge many, many iPads? Bretford’s new PowerSync Roller 10 for iPad and PowerSync Roller 20 for iPad mini each offers security and syncing for multiple tablets. As the name implies, you can wheel either Roller anywhere you need it, while keeping it locked to prevent unauthorized tampering. It’s built for institutions, such as schools and businesses, with many tablets circulating. The standard Roller 10 holds 10 full-size iPads, while the Roller 20 can hold up to 20 iPad mini tablets.

Desk Pets

The $30 BattleTank can be controlled remotely from your iPhone as you re-enact tank battles with friends, or just add another remote-controlled vehicle to your collection.

IK Multimedia

The iRig HD, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, provides a digital connection between your musical instruments and your iOS device, letting you create pro-sounding recordings right on your phone or tablet.


The $15 PadPillow Lite provides a pillow-top stand for your iPad, making it really comfy to sit with your ipad in your lap.


The $180 Smart Kid Scale is a snap to use: Set your kid on the device, and it relays—over your local Wi-Fi network—weight information to an app on your iPhone, letting you track your children’s body-mass progress in the first months and years of their lives.


This venerable audio company’s new line of iOS-compatible stereo systems is led by the $550 TSX-B232, a one-piece audio system that can dock your iPhone or iPod; connect to your any iOS device via USB; or stream audio from any source via Bluetooth. It even has a CD player and AM/FM radio, if you’re still consuming your music in old-school fashion. The $450 TSX-132 is a similar system sans Bluetooth. Both the B232 and 132 are available in black or white.

For a bit more color—and stereo separation—the $450 MCR-B142 offers similar connectivity (iPhone dock, USB, Bluetooth) and sources (CD, AM/FM radio), but in a slightly larger package with bigger speakers that can be spread out for better audio quality. The $400 MCR-042 drops Bluetooth. Both MCR systems are available in any of 10 colors.

All four systems include a clock display and can be controlled using Yamaha’s iOS app.

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