The Week in iOS Accessories: A little bit of everything

Would you like some soup with your iPhone? How about a cup of coffee? Some toys? Batteries? This week's roundup has you covered.

The Week in iOS Accessories

Would you like some soup with your iPhone? How about a cup of coffee? Some toys? Batteries? This week's roundup has you covered.


If the $1,259 iPad, iPhone, iPod Wireless PA System sounds expensive, remember that it puts out enough sound to clearly reach the ears of at least 500 people. It’s portable, too, weighing in at 11.5 pounds. Also new from Amplivox: A $60 iPod Cable and Adapter.


First seen by our friends at Endgadget, the Instrument 1 looks like one of our favorite 1980s instruments, the keytar, only with an iPhone installed where the keys should be. The result? A new instrument that expands the reach of your musical iOS apps into a “real” space, thanks to the instruent’s built-in 30-watt amplifier. We haven’t yet received word on pricing or availability.

Brando Workshop

There are a number of toys that let you remotely control a plane or helicopter using your iPhone. The $80 Metallic Spy Helicopter, on the other hand, uses a traditional hand-held remote control, but this remote offers a handy perch for your iPhone. What's the iPhone for? For viewing and recording the live feed from the chopper's video camera, of course!


The CalypsoKey doesn’t use your iPhone, really, but it does use your iPhone’s case to hide a near-field communication key—much like the swipe cards that many secure businesses use. It can be ordered as part of the CalypsoRing or CalypsoLoop lines of cases.


The $130 Cookoo watch is a wireless product, relaying information from your iPhone about incoming calls, Facebook messages, calendar events and more. You’ll probably feel like Dick Tracy.

Food and drink

First noted by the folks at Gizmodo, the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl—just a concept at this point, apparently—offers a way to hold your phone while slurping noodles. A good idea can manifest itself in many different ways, though: Natwerk is seeking funding for a similarly styled Starbucks-style coffee cup.

IK Multimedia

This audio-device maker has introduced its line of iLoud studio speakers (right), which can be used in conjunction with your iPhone or iPad to monitor the music that you’re making. Also new is the iRig BlueBoard (left), an iOS-compatible MIDI pedalboard. Pricing and availability are not yet available for either product.


Power vendor Mophie has announced its first battery case for the iPhone 5, the $80 Juice Pack Helium. Available in dark metallic or silver metallic, the Helium—like previous Juice Pack models—fits around the iPhone 5, providing protection from bumps and drops, while a built-in 1500 mAh battery offers up to 80 percent longer battery life for your phone. The company says the Helium is its thinnest Juice Pack yet—even thinner than the svelte Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 and 4S.

Soul Electronics

The $1000 Party In A Box streams music wireless from your iPhone or iPad over a crystal-clear eight-speaker system. Plug in a microphone, and you’re ready for block-party karaoke.


This company has announced its $399 V5AP, an AirPlay-enabled speaker system built with your choice of bamboo or rosewood veneers—it’s new-school sound technology wrapped in an elegant, old-school covering.

Vallis Wood

As first seen by the folks at, Vallis Wood’s TV Docking Station offers your tablet an old-school TV cabinet for video display. Each cabinet is made to order.


The iQ5 Professional Stereo Microphone plugs in to the Lightning connector on recent iOS devices to record high-def audio. The device can’t be purchased online, but instead through Zoom’s local independent dealers

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