The Week in iPhone Cases: Power to the people

This week's iPhone-case roundup brings you a little love, a little adventure, and... a little military compliance.

The Week in iPhone Cases

This week's iPhone-case roundup brings you a little love, a little adventure, and... a little military compliance.


Tired of forgetting your iPhone at home? Alphyn wants to help by building a case right into your pants.

That’s right—the Delta 415 Wearcom (all iPhone models; $160) is a pair of jeans that features a special use-through smartphone pocket in which you can safely stash your iPhone, protecting it from the elements and keeping it handy at all times.


The MI-T (all iPhone models; $30) is designed to let you keep your hands on the wheel while allowing you to safely use your iPhone for navigation and other tasks.

The cradle’s suction cup can be mounted on smooth and textured surfaces, while its special cradle is built to grasp your device securely without impeding access to its controls.


This company’s Anti-Smudge Screen Protector (iPhone 5; $12) is made from high-quality, multilayered, Japanese film to help keep fingerprints and skin oils away from your handset’s screen while providing an extra blanket of protection.

Crimson also produces a special anti-glare version of the film (iPhone 5; $12), which is designed specifically for Retina displays and features an advanced silicone adhesive that minimizes bubbles and is residue-free.


The G90 (iPhone 5; price unavailable) allows you to mount your iPhone face down and still take pictures or shoot movies with a field of view of up to 140 degrees, making it a perfect choice whenever a low-profile, aerodynamic camera is called for.

The G90, which will be released this summer, also provides a generous amount of protection from the elements thanks to waterproof construction and special shock-absorbing materials.


The Mojo Refuel (iPhone 5; $90) combines power and protection in a single package. The Mojo Refuel fuses a protective snap-on case, available in black or white, with a removable external battery that greatly increases your iPhone’s battery life and helps it recharge faster.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Refuel is built using a modular design that makes it possible to swap the I9300 battery (a standard Lithium-Ion model readily available at most electronics stores) without replacing the case. In addition to reducing the case’s environmental footprint, this approach means that your ability to prolong your handset’s use is limited only by the number of battery modules you can carry. (The Refuel comes with two batteries and a recharger to get you started.)


The Ampjacket (iPhone 5; $30) uses a pair of special audio channels to direct your iPhone’s audio output forward, in such a way that lets the phone’s speaker sound twice as loud without the need for any external power. The company says the design does not introduce any distortion.

The case comes in grey, white, red, orange, green, purple, or black.

Newer Technology

The Nuguard NX (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; $50) is built to military specs to offer superior protection. The company’s “X-Orbiting Gel” claims to absorb shocks and keep your handset safe under even the most-demanding scenarios.

The case comes in black, white, blue, red, yellow, rose, brown, or green.


The Holster Shell Combo (iPhone 5; $40) combines a form-fitting Epic snapon case for your iPhone with a holster that makes clipping the handset to your belt or pocket easy and convenient.

The case features a textured, rubberized finish that provides excellent grip, while the holster features a ratchet-swiveling clip that allows you to orient your iPhone for best comfort.


The Crossover (iPhone 5; $35) is a two-piece case that uses silicone straps to help you secure all sorts of gear to your handset while keeping it safe. As you put the straps on, you can use them to stash a few credit cards, or paper money, for example.

The straps come in a dozen different colors, and the company lets you pick your preferred colors—each individually.


The Limited Valentine’s Edition (iPhone 5; $20) of this company’s gel skin features a love-inspired theme with vibrant colors and a special message.

The skin is built with a special no-slip coating that helps keep your iPhone safely in your hands without getting stuck in your pocket. A gel filling helps provide shock protection while adding minimal bulk.


The Grip (iPhone 5; price unavailable) combines a tough, polycarbonate shell with a soft, rubberized exterior that offers excellent grip and superior protection from bumps and scratches.

The case comes aqua, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or black.

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