Expo Notes: ServicePal puts iPads in hands of blue-collar workers

When we talk about the iPad’s infiltration into commerce, we’re often talking about white collar—or white collar-ish—professions: Sales, medicine, architecture and the like. ServicePal now wants to put the tablet in the hands of the blue-collar set.

ServicePal’s iPad app, on display here at Macworld/iWorld, lets technicians, repairmen, and other service-oriented workers stay on task.

Supervisors use the app to assign and dispatch employees to jobs. Workers, meanwhile, can use it to see their schedules and calculate routes to job locations. The app will update the status of jobs and let supervisors know when workers are available. It'll do the necessary paperwork to describe the work performed, how long it took, and the parts required. And it will let customers sign forms and send out invoices.

“It’s turning your iPad into the perfect clipboard,” said Jens Davidsen, ServicePal’s vice president of sales.

At its booth here, ServicePal displayed the app on both the iPad and the iPad mini, but Davidsen said he expects technicians and their colleagues to stick with the larger, seemingly sturdier model.

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