MULTiPAD is a funky iPad-driven video remix made with lots of iOS apps

Think the iPad is no good for creating things? Lots of people would disagree with you. Just ask Eclectic Method.

As spotted by Laughing Squid, MULTIiPAD, Eclectic Method's latest video remix, is a short, catchy thing made entirely from virtual instruments, video apps, musical talent, and some editing know-how.

According to the video's YouTube page, the apps used include BassGuitar (self-explanatory name), BeBot (a half-robot musical synthesizer), iMaschine (a beat sketchpad that plays drums, record loops, and do all kinds of nifty things), Korg iElectribe (a virtual analog beatbox), MadPad HD (an app that lets you turn your entire world into an soundboard), Sylo Synthesiser (a synth app popularized by the Gorillaz), and Vjay (a slightly awkwardly named mashup machine).

Before you wonder if Eclectic Method is a fresh face on the scene, it looks like they're not. If their biography is anything to go by, guys like Jimmy Fallon, U2 and Fatboy Slim have all chased after Eclectic Method in an attempt to get these "digital outlaws" to manufacture remixes for them. Heck, they've even been in the PBS documentary Copyright Criminals.

Digital punks for the win?

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