The Week in iOS Apps: Crazy for Coco

This week's roundup of iOS apps includes American comedy, Swedish mystery, and a behind-the-scenes look at the Oscars.

Crazy for Coco

This week's roundup of iOS apps includes American comedy, Swedish mystery, and a behind-the-scenes look at the Oscars.


Lots of apps have tried to make it so that people who are near each other can share photos, but none have really caught on. Will Albumatic, a free offering for iPhone and iPad, be different? Well, it does restrict itself to sharing photos between friends. No strangers peeking in at your life. And if you’re a friend who’s not nearby, you can look at the photos of an event without adding photos of your own, keeping the album from becoming too cluttered. Maybe Albumatic is the photo-sharing app that finally conquers time and (relational) space.


Any.DO already ranked high on our list of scheduling apps, and the newest update keeps this iPhone offering in the top tier. Users will now find it easier to setup recurring tasks; they can also add tasks to their schedule via email. There’s also improved sharing and location reminders.

ConanO’Brien Presents: Team Coco

If you’re a fan of the red-haired late-night talk show host, you probably already have this free iPhone app. But this week’s upgrade makes it a must have for Team Coco fans: Full episodes of Conan O’Brien’s show are now available for viewing on your phone.


The iPhone app for JetBlue has undergone a radical upgrade, most notably now acting as a mobile boarding pass for your flight. But the app also now has terminal maps, flight schedules, and even weather forecasts, to make your travel experience easier.


If your kids ever grab your iPad away from you, they’ll probably want to use the new Nick app for iPad—which is exactly what it sounds like: Photos, videos, games, and more from cable’s kid-oriented television channel. Lucky thing your tablet doesn’t produce green slime.


If you’re watching the Oscars Sunday—and who isn't?—you’ll want the official Oscars app for iPhone and iPad, which delivers behind-the-scenes views of stars arriving on the red carpet, award-winners going backstage, and more.

Year Walk

This $4 Swedish game for iPhone and iPad is both game and art: You venture into the woods of 19th-century Sweden on a quest to discover if your true love loves you back—a journey that crosses the line into supernatural events, mysteries, and ancient lore. And did we mention that the graphics are wonderful?

Zillow Rentals

The free Zillow Rentals app lets you search neighborhoods for the apartment or house you’re seeking, using just the parameters—from cost to location to number of bathrooms—you want. Now Zillow is native to the iPad, thanks to this week’s upgrade.

Other apps of note

Huffington Post has been revamped … MLB At Bat has been updated for 2013 … and Twitterrific has a new “muffling” feature.

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