The Week in iOS Accessories: Pretty as a picture

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes new photo lenses, new keyboards, new chargers, and lots of other fun, new stuff.

The Week in iOS Accessories

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes new photo lenses, new keyboards, new chargers, and lots of other fun, new stuff for your iPhone and iPad.


The $50 Trygger Camera Case includes a clip-on polarizing lens for your iPhone 5 camera. The lens’s effect removes unwanted reflections from glass, water, and metal, while ensuring colors in your images are closer to what the eye actually sees.


The folks at Bluelounge are known for simple, practical designs, and the $40 Mika tablet stand won’t tarnish that reputation. Made from a single piece of solid aluminum with rubber bumpers, it holds your iPad or iPad mini (or other tablet) upright and stable while at your desk. It’s even sturdy enough to hold a thin laptop.


The $25 Weave is a fabric-covered syncing and charging cable—available only in red—for your 30-pin dock-connector-equipped Apple devices. DistilUnion promises that a Lightning-connectpr version of the product is coming soon.

Griffin Technology

Griffin has added to its line of kid-friendly iOS accessories with the $35 SeeSaw for iPad (iPad 2, 3, and 4) and the $20 No. 2 Pencil Stylus for Touchscreens. The former is a foam case/stand that protects your iPad while offering both landscape- and portrait-orientation positions; a handle on the back makes it easy for your little ones to tote the encased iPad from room to room. The No. 2 Pencil Stylus is exactly what it says on the tin: a touchscreen stylus designed to look and feel like the same No. 2 pencil your kids use at school.

Joy Factory

The $100 MagConnect lets you mount your tablet to a wall or cabinet via an articulating arm that can be adjusted 360 degrees for optimal viewing. The iPad is secured in a hardshell case that includes a powerful magnet. That magnet makes it easy to attach the case to the arm—and remove it from the arm-at your convenience.


This vendor has announced two new Bluetooth-keyboard cases: the $100 Keyboard Folio for iPad and the $90 Keyboard Folio Mini (the latter, shown here, obviously for the iPad mini). Like the company’s previous keyboard folios, each includes a protective case with a thin, Bluetooth keyboard inside. The standard Keyboard Folio uses full-size keys, while the iPad mini version uses smaller ones; both keyboards offer special iPad-function keys. The cases each act as two-position stands for propping up your iPad while typing. The full-size-iPad version ships in April, while the version for the iPad mini will be available in May.


The $60 TekTuk carrying case lets you store and charge a number of devices all in one package: Your iPhone and your iPad can be stored side-by-side in the case, with a cable organizer letting both devices get charged up without a tangled mess. When the case is open, the front cover can be tucked under your mattress, giving you a convenient place to store and charge your gear when it's time to catch some Zs.


The $500 SatSleeve is a nifty case that enables your iPhone make phone calls, and send and receive SMS messages, on satellite networks. The case also includes a rechargeable battery that extends your handset's use time.


The $15 Slussen is the perfect device for iPhone DJs. It plugs into your phone’s headphone jack to give you two 3.5mm audio jacks: one to send your signal to a sound system, the other to hook up your headphones. When used in combination with the free Slussen iOS app, you can play one tune while getting the next one ready to go. The Slussen is compact enough to fit in your pocket—it even includes a handy keyring attachment.


The $50 Clip-On Lens Combo offers two different ways to accessorize the camera on your iPhone 5 by including both a wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens. A quick-fingered photographer can shift between the lenses in under a second.


The $150 Smart Body Analyzer can measure your weight and your heart rate, as well as the CO2 levels of the room where you keep the device, then transmit all that information to an app on your iPhone so that you can track your health and ensure that you’re living the fittest lifestyle possible. The company has provided a video that demonstrates the device’s features.

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