The Week in iOS Apps: Crazy for cupcakes!

Do you love cupcakes? Trick question! Of course you do! This week's roundup of iOS apps includes a new way to enter the world of tiny, fist-sized pastries.

Crazy for cupcakes!

Do you love cupcakes? Trick question! Of course you do! This week's roundup of iOS apps includes a new way to enter the world of tiny, fist-sized pastries.

Dungeon Hunter 4

After three Dungeon Hunters is there anything left to say about dungeon hunting? Apparently so! In the free Dungeon Hunter 4, our hero awakes to discover his kingdom of Valenthia has been decimated—and that he has newfound powers to protect his people against the Demons. The game is free, but there are plenty of in-app purchase options to help you be the best dungeon hunter you can be.


The free FinderCodes app for iPhone and iPad is based on a nifty idea: That people want to return your valuables to you. Just affix QR codes to your most-loved items, them scan them into your FinderCodes account. Anybody who finds the item in the future can scan the code—immediately alerting the user that there stuff has been found. This week’s update includes the advent of the new Re-Turnit service, which enables shipment of your lost items via FedEx, as well as PayPal integration to offer rewards to the person who finds your lost items.

Food Network Cupcakes

Apps that sell themselves: The $3 Food Network Cupcakes app for iPad already had more than 100 delicious recipes for tiny baked goods. This week’s update added even more. Also, did we say cupcakes?


The latest update to the free Foursquare app for iPhone should make you the Mayor of Tech Satisfaction. The latest update includes a new emphasis on local recommendations—open up the app for the first time in a new town, and you immediately see a list of the most-loved nearby restaurants, cafes, stores, and more. And search has been given a new prominence within the app, making it easier to find just what you’re looking for.

Hopstop Transit Directions

When Google Maps disappeared from our iPhones a few months back, HopStop Transit Directions for iPhone became one of our favorite replacements (until Google Maps returned, of course). This week’s update includes HopStop Live, which features live commentary about transit conditions along your planned route—if there’s a train delay, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Mail Pilot

The $15 Mail Pilot may not help you get to Inbox Zero, but it should help you be more productive: It organizes your email as a to-do list, in which items can be marked as complete or assigned as a due date. And if they fit that little-used third category known as “other,” you can mark them to be “set aside” and dealt with later.

Mini Display

Why spend a ton of money to add a second monitor to your Mac setup? $13 will get you Mini Display, which converts your iPad or iPhone into a second monitor and expands the “desktop” workspace on your Mac.


At its essence, the $2 ToDoMovies app for iPhone is a simple list-making app, one that lets you track which movies you want to see someday. But this week’s update adds all sorts of bells and whistles, including an enhanced “movie discovery” search engine that helps you find every movie ever made, or being made, for inclusion on your list. There’s also a new iTunes integration, so if you like the soundtrack to that new Wes Anderson movie, you can search for that as well.

Other apps of note

Krowds (pictured) launched as the latest crowd-sourced video-making app … Documents by Readdle updated to include iPhone suppport … and Google Drive now lets iPhone users update documents in landscape mode.

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