The Week in iOS Apps: Holy iPhone, Batman!

This week's roundup of iOS apps includes immersion in the world of DC Comics, help with your cooking, and a great new way to track your package deliveries.

Holy iPhone, Batman!

This week’s roundup of iOS apps includes immersion in the world of DC Comics, help with your cooking, and a great new way to track your package deliveries.

Cooking Basics

Mark Bittman is a one-man foodie industry. His essential cookbook, How To Cook Everything, is already an important kitchen app; now he’s bringing Cooking Basics to the iPad for $8. It features 185 simple recipes for beginning foodies, along with more than 1000 photos, and video tips from Bittman himself.

Draw Something 2

Remember last year, when the game Draw Something was a huge deal and then, suddenly, wasn’t? Draw Something 2 tries to recapture the magic with a $3 offering for iPhone, adding more than 5000 words to the game, as well as a “social feed” that lets you track friends, and more drawing tools to create precisely the art you desire.

FedEx Mobile

The free FedEx Mobile app for iPhone and iPad will be a real boon to users with this week’s update, which includes a “Delivery Manager” feature that lets you schedule a delivery, change the delivery to another address, provide directions to the driver, and even sign for the package using the app. In other words: This upgraded app will help you actually get your stuff in the right place, at the right time.

Iron Man 3

Now when you sing “I am Iron Man,” you can mean it. Iron Man 3, a free game for iPhone and iPad, takes place after the events of the forthcoming movie, letting you play Tony Stark as he confronts threats to Earth and Stark Industries. Lots of in-app purchases in this one, ranging from $2 for a “fistful of ISO-8” to $100 in order to completely stock Stark HQ with the life-giving material.

Lego Batman

The $5 Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes offers gameplay with more than 80 heroes from the DC Comics universe, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and a bunch of other characters who seem to be better suited to games and comics than movies. Whatever happened to Lynda Carter, anyway?

LinkedIn Contacts

The free LinkedIn Contacts app for iPhone promises, like other contacts apps, to put all your contact information in one place, instead of divvying it up among several apps and services. The app also alerts users to job changes and birthdays within your network, and offers deeper details about people you plan to meet.

Little Red Riding Hood

The $5 Little Red Riding Hood app for iPhone and iPad acts as a “choose your own adventure” version of the familiar childhood story. Multiple choices along the way mean there are many different endings—so you never know whether the Big Bad Wolf will win this time.

Other apps of note

The Apple Store app now automatically alerts you when you’re eligible for an iPhone upgrade … Horizon Calendar offers more weather details and supports more languages … Wunderlist offers new features, including the ability to assign tasks to teammates … and Tweetbot (pictured) now offers a “new media” timeline.

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