The Week in iOS Apps: Friends are for the birds

Is it possible to be angry and social? The latest entry from the Angry Birds franchise tries to find out. Plus apps for drawing, remembering contacts, taking pictures, and more.

Friends are for the birds

Is it possible to be angry and social? The latest entry from the Angry Birds franchise aims to find out. Plus, apps for drawing, remembering contacts, taking pictures, and more.

Angry Birds Friends

The latest title in the Angry Birds franchise turns social, encouraging friends to play the game with each other over Facebook. It’s also an evolving game, with tournaments that feature new levels every week, and daily rewards. Let the pig-thrashing begin!


The $2 Contaqs is a nifty little app that reorganizes your contacts list to look like a series of business cards, each featuring a person’s photo, name, company, phone number, and email. That info is extracted from iOS’s native Contacts app and combined with your Facebook account. The latest version adds support for the iPad and fixes some bugs.

Draw This App

Draw This App, a free offering for the iPad, reminds us of those old “Can You Draw This Turtle?” ads from select youth-oriented magazines. The app encourages drawing skills by breaking objects into simple parts; it then challenges the user to test their skills in a scored test.


Any app can tell you when to wake up. Eve, a free offering, does something different: It tells you when to go to sleep. Just tell the app what time you want to wake up in the morning and it will alert you about your ideal bedtime the night before. That way you get the right amount of sleep and wake up fully rested. And when you do wake up, it’ll be with a zen sunrise on your screen and a “dawn chorus” bringing you gently to life.


It only makes sense: The Instagram app is getting more like its parent company, Facebook, all the time. The latest update lets your Instragram friends tag you in their photos, and introduces a a “Photos Of You” page in the app. Don’t worry: You have to approve your friends’ tags, making it difficult for pictures of that overly wild party to appear on your profile without your permission.


This free handwriting app for iPad now includes several new features when you connect it with Evernote: It offers you suggested notebook titles based on your location and calendar events, and notebook covers display where you were the last time you edited them. If you subscribe to Evernote Premium, this app offers “unlimited” access to a range of paper designs, and you can add security with a passcode lock.

Star Command

This $3 game for iPhone and iPad has an 8-bit look to it, but unlocks your creativity by letting you build a starship, hire a crew, and go exploring the dangerous galaxy. It’s one of Apple’s “Editor’s Choice” apps this week. To infinity and beyond!

YouTube Capture

The latest version of YouTube Capture lets users preview their edited videos in HD, choose to upload videos only when the device has access to Wi-Fi, and is simply faster, starting up more quickly than its predecessors.

Other apps of note

Infuse, the video app, has added iPhone support … PC Calc (pictured) now lets users create their own custom functions within the app ... and Amazon’s Kindle reading app has added new accessibility features to assist the visually impaired.

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