Review: Attractive Locus Workstation standing desk an excellent choice

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At a Glance
  • Focal Upright Furniture Locus Workstation

Focal Upright’s Locus Workstation is the company’s flagship product. Martin Keen, the man who founded the Keen shoe company, designed this upright desk. After he sold his shoe company, Keen started Focal Upright, and the Locus Workstation began shipping last year.

The Locus Workstation is something of a hybrid between an adjustable height desk and a standing desk. The desk is fully adjustable for height and pitch—it can accommodate anyone at a height between 4-feet 1-inch and 6-feet 8-inches—and features a large hand crank that changes the pitch of the desk surface from completely flat up to an angle of 15 degrees. Once selected, the desktop locks in place automatically.

Brendan Wilhide

When I tested the Locus Workstation as a standing desk, I was able to use my MacBook as I normally would through a workday, typing on my Mac and using my wireless mouse—the laptop stayed in place despite the desk being angled slightly downward. Eventually, I found a preferred angle and can work without feeling any strain in my wrists or hands.

Focal Upright
Locus Seat

I’m told many ergonomists often say that your best and most comfortable position is “your next one,” which is to say that your body responds best when you keep active and change your position from time to time. While studies have shown that standing is more beneficial than sitting, it is still important to take regular breaks from standing all day.

When I felt like sitting, I used Focal’s Locus Seat, another hybrid product; it’s a seat/perch that matches the Locus Workstation. The Locus Seat looks like a bicycle seat on top of a stool at an odd angle. I liked the Locus Seat, but it took a while to adjust to its unique position—you’re not fully seated, nor are you completely standing. Locus Seat puts you in a position that's slightly forward, with your legs stretched out comfortably, and you can still reach your computer. The range of motion when seated is similar to that while sitting on a yoga/fitness ball; I was able to reach from side to side comfortably and could still rock back and forth a bit if I liked. It's a new-but-comfortable position.

While using the Locus Workstation, I don’t take as many breaks as I usually do. I typically feel some soreness in my neck after some time while at a regular desk, but I don’t feel any pain while using the Locus Workstation.

Brendan Wilhide

Bottom line

The Focal Upright Locus Workstation is a complete standing, height-adjustable ergonomic workstation whose functionality is matched only by its sleek design. The Locus Workstation may not fit into every budget, but for workers looking to invest in an ergonomic, height adjustable workstation, it is an excellent choice.

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At a Glance
  • The Locus Workstation may not fit into every budget, but for workers looking to invest in an ergonomic, height adjustable workstation, it is an excellent choice

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