The Week in iOS Apps: Come fly with me

This week's roundup of new and updated iOS apps offers better ways to board your airplane, get a laugh, share short videos, and watch TV. Read on!

Come fly with me!

This week's roundup of new and updated iOS apps offers better ways to board your airplane, get a laugh, share short videos, and watch TV. Read on!

British Airways

A big change in the latest edition of the British Airways iPhone app: integration with Apple’s Passbook feature in iOS. “From now on, all new boarding passes will be presented in Passbook. You'll be able to download them from the app as usual and continue to use boarding passes on your iPhone in over 100 airports worldwide,” the company says. By mid-June, the airline’s Passbook passes will be accessible directly from the lock screen.


The $3 Byword Markdown editor for iPhone and iPad is sporting a number of new features, including the automatic download of documents—when your machine is connected to Wi-Fi—for offline availability, full offline support in Dropbox, new font options, and adjustable font sizes, among other improvements.


Remember: Clipchat for iPhone is not Vine: Vine lets you share videos of up to six seconds in length; Clipchat offers you only five seconds. Vine loops its video; Clipchat doesn’t. And Clipchat offers a “self-destruct” mode so that a video, once seen, can never be seen again. This, of course, for entirely wholesome purposes, we’re sure. Just remember, Clipchat is not Vine.

CC: Standup

What’s … the deal … with standup comedy? We can’t get enough of it, that’s what! Comedy Central’s CC: Standup app for iPhone and iPad provides hours and hours of hilarity from Comedy Central’s archives to keep you distracted and giggling.

Dispatch: Action-Based Email

We’re apparently in the golden age of “inbox zero” apps. Dispatch: Action-Based Email, a $3 offering for iPhone, joins the top tier of apps like Mailbox and Triage, letting users choose to schedule messages for later, or send it to one of 14 services—including Instapaper, Reminders, and Evernote. Replying can also be done quickly, with the ability to store frequently used snippets and automatically apply them to your response. It works with Gmail, iCloud, AOL, and Yahoo! email accounts.


Got a business idea? The free Elevatr app for iPhone helps business novices by taking that idea and guiding users through the basics of creating a business plan that can actually lead to the creation of product—and the making of money. Who knew the iPhone could make you richer?

Hulu Plus

The latest update to Hulu Plus allows you to multitask while watching your favorite TV shows and movies; if you’re watching a video, simply “pinch” it and it disappears to the lower portion of the screen—you can then browse other videos for viewing without interrupting your current show. Similarly, if you tap on a clip in Hulu’s menu, it will play the video at thumbnail size unless you choose to blow it up to full-screen.


Hey! This app’s called Poetreat!

We think you’ll find it kind of neat.

It’s for poets with little time;

just conjure a verse and it suggests a rhyme.

It’s for iPhone only, and not the iPad,

but the cost is free so that’s not so bad.


Gmail (pictured) has updated with a new color-coded inbox … Kindle has new features to make it more useful as a digital textbook reader … Wordpress has been completely redesigned … and Apple’s WWDC app will guide attendees and non-attendees through the ins and outs of Apple’s developer conference.

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