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Reader Mary Andrews finds fault with Safari’s Bookmarks Bar. She writes:

I recently purchased a 27-inch iMac and while I love it, I find some text on it small. In particular, Safari’s Bookmarks Bar is very hard for me to read. Is there anything I can do to increase its size?

I’m afraid not. I’ve searched the Web for an extension that increases its size and I’ve come up empty. You can, of course, change the resolution of your iMac within the Displays system preference so that everything on the screen is larger, but you’ll find objects less crisp. Another option is to open the Accessibility system preference, enable the Use Scroll Gesture With Modifier Keys to Zoom option, and then hold down the Control key while using the mouse wheel (or two finger upward swipe on a trackpad) to temporarily zoom your display in and out.

Control-scroll (or swipe) is a handy way to temporarily zoom your screen.

Or, if this bugs you enough to compel you to switch to another browser, I’d suggest you look first at Firefox. I recommend Firefox specifically because of the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on. Unlike some other zoom add-ons and extensions you might encounter, this one is intended to affect only Firefox’s windows, menus, and toolbars. Install it, restart Firefox, and choose Tools > Theme Font & Size Changer and you’ll find that you can change the font, font size, style, weight, color, and background color of these elements. If you were to increase the font size to 14 I doubt you’d have any trouble making out items in the toolbars. (Of course this also means that you’ll see fewer items in the toolbars as the larger text will push other items to the Show More Bookmarks menu.

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