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Apple and Amazon take a step towards hugging it out, more free Apple apps might be heading your way, and did you know that getting more costs more? One class action suit doesn’t appear to realize that. The remainders for Tuesday, July 9, 2013 are suitable for all ages.

Apple, Amazon end ‘app store’ lawsuit (Reuters)

The legal realm is a little bit quieter today, thanks to the cessation of Apple’s lawsuit against Amazon over the term “App Store.” Apple dropped the suit, with a company spokesperson saying, “With more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favorite apps.” Man, was this a two year setup for that burn, or what?

iOS 7 Beta Suggests iWork, iLife iOS Apps May Soon Be Free (MacRumors)

Might Apple make its iWork and iLife apps free on iOS? Possibly, if a report from a German site is to be believed. Which means we will all be inundated with even more fancy newsletters from Aunt Cheryl.

iOS 7′s ‘iOS in the Car’ feature to work over WiFi with AirPlay (9to5Mac)

Another rumored iOS 7 feature: The platform’s car integration, announced at WWDC, may work over Wi-Fi, in addition to over USB. The key to that would be Apple’s AirPlay technology, which will also be great for letting you broadcast your music into the car of that annoying guy who cut you off.

Class Claims Apple Tricked Them in Downloads (Courthouse News Service)

So much for quiet in the legal realm. A class action suit has been filed against Apple for making the HD option—which the claimant would like to point costs $1 more than the SD option—the standard for video downloads from the iTunes Store. This has, according to suit, let Apple claims “millions of dollars in undeserved profits.” Not to mention, scarring millions of customers by providing them with gorgeous, high-quality video.

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