How to sync your iPhone and iPad using iTunes

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If you’ve rented TV shows on your computer from the iTunes Store, they appear at the very top of the TV Shows tab. Transfer one to your iPhone or iPad by clicking the Move arrow. You can remove it from your device by clicking the arrow a second time.

Sync your podcasts

The Podcasts pane presents you with a list of all your subscribed podcasts, grouped by series. (If you haven’t subscribed to any, this pane won’t show up for you.) That said, this is one case when iTunes syncing may not be necessary. If you already have the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, that will probably suffice.

Sync your played or unplayed podcasts automatically via the Podcasts tab.

Clicking a podcast displays a list of the show’s episodes, organized by date in ascending order. You can choose to sync your podcasts manually or use iTunes’ automatic options, which offer syncing for the most recently uploaded or unplayed episodes for selected shows or all shows.

Sync books, PDFs, and audiobooks

The Books pane divides books and Audiobooks into two sections. Choose to sync All books or Selected books. You can peruse a list of your ePubs and PDFs if you want to pick and choose. The Sync Audiobooks pane is organized much the same way.

You can sync any books and PDFs you’ve added to iTunes via the Books tab.

Sync photos and personal video

Unlike your other content, your photos and personal video files are only linked to iTunes, rather than stored there. (Your original files remain in Apple’s iPhoto, Aperture, or the image folder you’re syncing with.)

The Photos tab syncs your images from iPhoto, Aperture, or a folder.

To sync photos, go to the Photos pane and choose the application or folder iTunes should link from. For example, if you keep all your images in iPhoto, enable the Sync Photos from option and choose iPhoto in the pop-up menu.

You can sync images according to how they are organized in that application. For example, if you use iPhoto, you’ll see images organized by date. Otherwise you can select only your Pictures folder or a custom folder of your choice.

Unfortunately, you can’t sync your iPhone or iPad with more than one program or with multiple folders. You have to choose one. As with all the other media panes, you can sync your entire photo library to your device or choose selected albums, projects, and (in iPhoto’s or Aperture’s case) Events, Faces, or images with certain star ratings.

[Executive Editor Jon Seff and Senior Editor Dan Moren contributed to this article.]

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