Macworld Podcast: Summer Mac and iOS tips

Much as we enjoy talking with people who have opinions, it’s also nice to occasionally tap the Macworld Brain Trust for helpful technology tidbits. That’s exactly what we do in this episode of the podcast. I’m joined by Serenity Caldwell, Lex Friedman, Dan Moren, and the ghost of Dan Frakes to offer up some of our currently favorite tips and tricks.

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Show Notes

Over the course of an hour we named a passel of tools and utilities. They include Dropbox, Send to Dropbox, Loom, ClickToPlugin, Carbon Copy Cloner, Protogo, Bartender, Hourly News, Google’s magic calendar selection page, Pogoplug, Launch Center Pro, Obi100, and Keyboard Maestro 6. Each, like the tip the accompanies it, is worth your attention.

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