The Week in iOS Accessories: Environmentally sound

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes ways to use your iPhone to measure humidity, radiation, and even your overall sense of Zen.

Environmentally sound

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes ways to use your iPhone to measure humidity, radiation, and even your overall sense of Zen.

Bite My Apple

The $80 Boomerang is a lightweight, X-shaped mounting cradle that can be used, kickstand-style, for hands-free use of your iPad on a desk or counter; an included Multi Mount lets you mount the Boomerang on a wall. Alternatively, you can combine the Boomerang with an optional ($90) stainless-steel table stand for even more flexibility. The Boomerang is compatible with second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPads.


The $130 EcoRox is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker—so waterproof, in fact, that it floats, so go ahead and drop it in the water. It offers 10 hours of battery life between charges.


This company has announced several new iOS-friendly products. The $80 BoostTurbine 4000 (pictured) is a battery pack with hand-crank backup; the 4000 can recharge an iPhone twice. The $60 Boost 4200 provides the same amount of juice but without the backup crank, while the $100 Boost 8400, also crank-less, can recharge your iPhone up to three times. Also new are the $200 Rukus XL and $100 Rugged Rukus Bluetooth speakers.


The $400 Go + Play Wireless is billed as a “fashionable way to play your music on the fly.” It’s a Bluetooth-enabled version of the company’s well-known Go + Play speaker system, letting you stream audio wirelessly from iOS devices. When not plugged in, it runs on eight D-cell batteries.


The iDL100 is among the most chargeriffic speaker dock available for iOS devices, offering two Lightning-connector ports and a USB port, so you can juice up as many as three iOS devices at once. The iDL100 also features an FM radio with six presets, and it lets you program two different alarm times, ensuring you won’t oversleep.


We’re still wrapping our heads around this one, but the Lapka line of products is basically a series of “personal environment” sensors—ranging from a $79 humidity sensor to a $119 radiation monitor—designed to ensure you’re living in the best possible environment. You monitor the monitors using your iOS device. Also, the Lapka units look pretty.

New Trent

The $70 New Trent PowerPak has two USB ports, letting you charge two iOS devices at once. It’s also powerful, with a 13,500-mAh battery that can fully charge an iPhone up to six times. The PowerPak has a scratch-resistant exterior, making it appealing to folks who spend lots of time in the field.


Like the aforementioned New Trent PowerPak, the $25 PowerBank 5000 offers two USB ports, letting you charge two iOS devices from its lithium battery at once. Can’t choose between recharging your iPhone or your iPad? Now you don’t have to.

SMS Audio

Here's your first look at the Sync by 50, a $200 portable Bluetooth speaker from 50 Cent. Proceeds from each sale will go to Feeding America, a hunger-relief organization.


The $50 TrakDot system is a lot like the suddenly ubitquitous Tile tracker system, but narrowly tailored to track your baggage while you’re flying cross-country. Drop the Trakdot in your bag, and it will wake up when your plane lands and send you a text message letting you know where it is. For example, “Your Trakdot [ ID ] is in Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.”—if you’re not also in Reagan National, at least you’ll know where to start the search.


The $120 Tinké plugs into your iPhone—a 30-pin-dock-connector version is available now, while a Lightning-connector version is due soon—and uses its sensors to track your heart rate, blood-oxygen level and respiratory rate. It also uses your heart rate to measure your relative “Zen Index.”

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