Vine your blues away with 10 hilarious comedians

When you’re feeling low, a quick scroll through Vine’s Comedy section will usually do the trick. But some Vine users are funnier than others—again, browsing the Comedy section will make that abundantly clear—so having some reliably hilarious people to follow is essential. We curated a list of 10 funny faves who will bring a smile to your face.

Will Sasso

Actor/comedian Will Sasso sets the standard for comedy on Vine with his lemon series, Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, and general hilarity.

Ryan McHenry

What is about Ryan Gosling that makes him such excellent meme material? “Hey girl,” “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal,” and “Ryan Gosling, Disneyland, Cats” are triumphs of memedom. The cereal vines in particular, which are the work of Scottish writer/director Ryan McHenry, prove that 6 seconds is plenty of time for comedy.

Gillian Jacobs

The Community actress’s selfie videos are always on point. She dances, she talks to her dog, she acts out an alternate reality in which she’s a triplet. Oh, and there’s some Community action, too.

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll does things with Post-it notes that most people wouldn’t even dream of.

Adam Goldberg

Actor Adam Goldberg is often funny on Vine, but he also experiments with cinematic techniques on the video-sharing network—to sometimes scary effect.

Jimmy Fallon

Go behind the scenes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when the comedian posts backstage vines (which doesn’t happen all that often).

Marlo Meekins

Marlo Meekins is a cartoonist and caricature artist who developed a following on Vine with props and pratfalls—and she’s a pal of Will Sasso (always a plus).

Bo Burnham

TechHive staff favorite Bo Burnham is 22-year-old comedian who shoots hilarious clips around his house. Funny Google searches and fake phone calls galore!

Papa C Los

Papa C Los’s Vine is a grab bag of awesomeness. Stop-motion and time-lapse videos, funny bits, and clips of cute kids and pets make for a well-rounded Vine account.


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