Director Joshua Michael Stern talks Steve Jobs

Joshua Michael Stern

Bringing Steve Jobs’s life story to the big screen is a tall order, but one that Joshua Michael Stern feels he’s up to. The director of 2008’s Swing Vote turns his camera to a real-life drama—the rise, fall, and return of Apple’s co-founder in the new movie Jobs.

With Jobs getting set to open at a theater near you this Friday, I spoke with Stern about his movie, which is as much a biography of Apple as it is Steve Jobs. In this video report, we talk about the challenges of filming what’s essentially a period piece (much of the movie takes place in the ’70s and ’80s) and how you dramatize the creative process. Another interesting thing to come out of our interview: The scenes of Apple’s earliest days are filmed at Steve Jobs’s actual house.

Joshua Michael Stern
Director Joshua Michael Stern

You can watch the full 15-minute interview on Macworld’s YouTube channel. Or, if you’re more audibly-inclined, my interview with Stern is the subject of this week’s Macworld Podcast. We’ll have more to say about Jobs—including a full review of the movie—when it arrives in theaters later this week.

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